Mount Everest in my Home.
Home Management

Mount Everest in my Home.

Collection of items to be looked into ‘later’….

“Oh my God!” whatever I do, there is this pile of papers that need to be seen in my ‘minimalistic’ room, spoiling the whole impact. I hate it!

It is like a Mount Everest for me.

Mount Everest has become a symbol of surmounting an impossible task. Anyone who has climbed it, must be extraordinary.

Well, in my humble home, there is a ‘Mount Everest’ developing on different points. I wonder if you have them sprouting out in your home too?

Let me define my ‘Mount Everest’…. It is made up all those pieces of papers that one places on a table … ‘I’ll deal with it later.’

“Right now, I have to dash, I’ll deal with it tomorrow.” I think.

Then another piece of paper lands on top of this one, (this time it was the bill.) On top of that is the letter, which is a very important one – the one I was waiting for. I’ve got to read it properly. Then the receipts for the shopping I did, I want to write down in my ‘accounting ‘ note book.

Yes, by now, my ‘mountain’  is at least ten inches tall and counting …. Now, it is beginning to tilt. So, I try to change its material to stabilize it.

In the kitchen, there are cupboards or a part of the top of the counters, which my staff uses to put the stuff they don’t use normally. That too keeps getting  filled up. “I’ll deal with it next week!” I think.

Like “tomorrow”, “next week” doesn’t come either!

Outside in the garden, the gardener has a pile on the side of my house, with the empty flowerpots, and collection of things which one hasn’t the heart to throw. Yet, its time has gone. On the other side, where the clothes are put out for drying, I’ll find all sorts of things lying near by.

Today, I have to deal with my ‘mount Everest’ – so I write an article on it.-  Instead of dealing with it. I’ll do anything, than to have to deal with all that stuff, which will take hours, because I just can’t seem to throw away stuff!

A PIECE OF WORK EXPANDS TO THE TIME ALLOTTED TO IT. I’ve decided to allot ten minutes to it today.

How is it with you? My dear Reader? Does this make sense to you? Or is it just me?

Well, I was reading about it once. The trick lies in ‘nipping the evil in the bud’.  So, deal with papers as they come. Here are a few points I’m refreshing in my mind:

  1. The pamphlets of ads should be glanced through right then, and ‘kept or torn and thrown right then.
  2. Have a file, or basket in your room in one corner for things to be dealt with later. Put that basket nearby while watching a movie or drama in the evening. Check these out during the ads.
  3. ‘A place for everything and everything  in its place.’ –  The ‘place’ needs to be easy to reach too.
  4. Have a time slot in the week to deal with ‘miscellaneous stuff’ and ‘minor things’ when you deal with all such things which cannot be done otherwise. How does Thursday sound?
  5. Make methods and systems easier to deal with.
  6. Have a time limit: put on three songs during which you have to complete this task.

Ok, let’s get started RIGHT NOW!

Best of luck!!! –Ten minutes should be enough!


Stay blessed 🙂









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