Drive into the clouds

Drive into the clouds

All my life, I’ve  loved mountains. When I look at them, my heart skips a beat. I feel so much gratitude, and happiness. Just looking at them, makes me feel happy. The closer I get to them, the happier I get! Is it the same for you too?

Every few weeks I want to be out there in the mountains either driving or walking in its trails.

So, when Danyal asked me to join them this weekend, I was more than thrilled. Of course, I was in the middle of so many things to do, but still managed to go along. As far as I can remember, it was always like that; I’m doing lots of different things. So, it is difficult to untangle ones’ self from them.  They also, know, I’ll do my best to go along, as I really love these trips. God bless them.

It was a real treat; While walking, you happen to come across a fruit laden tree, it is a happy surprise. 🙂

These days, with the Monsoon rains, the greens are lush green. The clouds are heavy and low.

The pipeline trail in Doonga Gali is right next to Ayubia. Yesterday, I went there for the first time. It appears, my daughter Nadiya and Haaris, her husband, have been there when there was snow.

So, the moment we reached, we met everyone and decided to go for the walk on the pipeline trail. Otherwise, after lunch it may get difficult. The weather was perfect as we walked, along the curving trail, all at the same level. As father and son went ahead, I decided to walk back, feeling that it may get too long a walk for me.

I also enjoyed my solitary walk back to the lovely place where they had been staying. I made these few videos for my Instagram and took close ups of butter flies and flowers and the view.

There were these beautiful hydrangeas growing in the place.

We had a delicious lunch and then sat and had a lovely chit chat with rest of their family.


The treat of Cappacino at the Second Cup, on our way to Doonga Gali, was really good.

You see, everything I wanted, was granted. But then, you also have to make the effort to agree to go. First you wish for something,  then Allah will send you some angels….. 🙂 Cant thank the Haroon family enough!

A childhood filled with butterflies… and now seeing just one or two sporadically. Where did we go wrong? We had large gardens full of flowers. Lots of space for groups of these beautiful God’s creatures going from flower to flower. Large and small butterflies in the most amazing colors and patterns. Will our great grandchildren see them or not?













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