Give taxes, as proud Pakistanis
Vital warnings

Give taxes, as proud Pakistanis

It is vital for development of our country.

“I’m not signing, till you write the number  of the hundreds of  kanals of lands I am giving you all.” I said furiously, to my rivals. ”You have written about every inch and yard of my property. But kept all yours’ hidden! “

“Who will pay the taxes?” was the prompt reply.

“If a widow and orphans can agree to pay taxes, why can’t you rich grown men and a woman do it?” I was furious too.

He said, “Fine, I’m going back. No need for a peace pact!”

“Ok, then, let us go ahead.” I said meekly.

The peace pact was signed. Their side of taxes to be given, hidden behind the English language, the Judge didn’t notice the ambiguity.

I truly believe in taxes. Why not? Coming from a person who has belonged to the forces, I’ve seen my parents and husband giving taxes all along with our meager resources.

When you have seen your parents giving taxes, you will do so, too. Please become parent of children who watch you paying taxes, so they emulate you as adults.

I’ve been paying taxes from the outset. As a writer, my taxes are cut before I get paid – courtesy Dawn, and others. As a teacher, taxes are paid. I don’t mind. Of course I use a bit of fancy language when I find that my pay is even lesser!!! All that aside, taxes are important.

What about the infrastructure of roads all over the country? The hospitals, the police force, the army, air force, navy, schools, alternative energy plants and dams.  It is all made from taxes.

“These are pathetic!” you say?

“the way you and I give taxes – isn’t that pathetic too? So, what can be expected?”

So, it all makes sense. All those countries, where every individual pays taxes, those countries are far more developed than ours. I remember my Dutch friend Natascha cursing the Queen for taking all her hard-earned money. The taxes there are sky high.

Listen. It is true a lot of stuff going on in our country is not right. But we have to start somewhere. Let us start from ourselves first. Are we doing the needful, only then we can point fingers at others. I have no control over the others. I do have control over myself.

It makes sense, to pay taxes.

As you decide to pay taxes, do find as many ways as possible, to make those payments the least possible – legally! But do pay.

You can keep receipts of all restaurants and other organizations where you pay taxes, and show these to the person you appoint to help you with calculating the tax amount. The taxes you have paid are all deductible from the main amount. (- at least that is what I’m told!)

In the same way, there are bonuses that you may be entitled to due to your own circumstances. Do your homework well, and be involved in it.

So, these days the Panama Leaks are all the rage. Let us find out the ‘tax leaks’ in our personal system, then talk about other’s corruption. In their shoes, what would you have done?

I remember, when my friend Seema convinced me to pay ‘Zakat’ and to do ‘Qurbani’ separate from my husband’s as my obligation in Islam. This, at a time, when I was jobless, (I was already finding my finances in doldrums,) having to take out an amount to pay the poor seemed so difficult when I was so poor myself! But when I started paying it, I found my lifestyle started improving. I felt great.

 It’s a mindset. When you are convinced you have to do it. Then you will find ways to do it.

It was the same with taking a current account, – to avoid taking interest. I’ve known real poverty, don’t take me wrong. But in spite of that desperate situation, the question of putting my cash in a savings’ account to get interest was never an option for me. I wasn’t taking interest, and was also paying ‘zakat’, and giving charity. You can’t imagine somehow, miraculously I could manage things better.

Banks use  interest and compound interest in the form of loans to people who are already facing hardships. It is exploitation of persons. A person on pension taking a loan, later has to pay back three to four times the amount due to the compound interest. It becomes a never-ending horror story for them.

Alhamdolillah! I decided long time ago not to be a part of this exploiting situation.

I know, every economist who reads this would like to give me a solemn whack.  It doesn’t make sense. But this is my experience, in reality.

Things do work out. Do not look at others. Just at yourself. When we are ourselves doing the wrong things, we have no right to point our fingers at others. Panama Leaks or no, let us first look within the circle of our own control.

If we are evading taxes, now, in the shoes of all these billionaires, wouldn’t we be doing the same? Essentially, it’s the same intent.

Tax evasion.

Yes, tax payment, my dear readers. We all have to do it, from now onwards. I know from reliable sources, that this government is going to get it out of us, somehow, better do it happily.

We owe it to our country.

We will surely be more blessed!  🙂




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