My exercise bicycle
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My exercise bicycle


My experience of the exercise bicycle.

“Uff! – this bicycle is constantly coming in my way.” I mentioned to Waliya. Now, it is getting on my nerves.  I’ve put it near my bed, writing desk, and chair. The idea is that I’ll use it on way to each of these. What a hope! Its weeks before I get on it even once!

Why? Because either I’ve just had food or am going to have it. You know, it is harmful to exercise, within one hour of eating. After the hour, I’m asleep. When I wake up, I need something to refresh me like a cup of tea. Tea shouldn’t be taken alone, otherwise, it is like a stimulant for the heart. So, one needs to have something with it. Now, a biscuit is fine, but ‘pakoras’ are even better! After that – one more hour.  Then its invariably time for the next meal.


This is why, I cannot use the bicycle.

But I do. Sometimes at eleven pm. Then I find I can’t sleep till one am. I’m too thrilled I’ve done exercise. I’ve even faced the cycle to the tv, so I can watch a program, but after five minutes I want to get off. Anyway, I watch most of my television in the lounge with the whole family while having my tea or my lunch or dinner.…. Or, with breakfast. (See what I mean?)

So why did I get it? I got it because my doctor said, your weight will get under control if you exercise. When you walk, you walk with your weight on your knees, so it gets tougher. Now, if I do exercise, on bicycle, then my weight is off my knees. My knees have recently recovered, so I have to be careful. So, I was convinced I need an exercise bicycle.

“Get the best one you can afford.” The doc said. When I went to the shop, I realized they were so expensive. I mean EXPENSIVE. And my budget was rather low in those days. (When is it high???) So, I thought let me see a less expensive one first. I really liked it, it was so reasonable, and no guarantee. Who needs a guarantee for a bicycle! All I need is to keep my legs moving. It was so reasonable, that I could even buy a yoga mat along with it. So, I got both. It was late, load-shedding had started in the market. I thought my car’s boot was large enough to accommodate it. But when the salesmen who had accompanied me carrying it, tried to put it in, I realized it was too big. Put it inside the car? But what about Nataliya, Nadiya and Waliya who are sitting with me inside the car? “Baji, shall we get you a taxi?”

“Yes, why not?” I said. Within a second a Mehran taxi appeared. I realized, it was for my girls to go in, and the bicycle would go inside my car. Nadiya even went and sat in the taxi. I could see her face from the back window of the taxi, parked on the road, obstructing the traffic. People in Islamabad are patient, but soon they too started honking.


The bicycle couldn’t fit in. Oops.

Now what?

“Baji, give us your address, we will bring it to your home on Monday. “ I had made all the payments.

(- What if they run away with my exercise bicycle?!) It seems my girls had read my mind. “Let them take it back to the shop. It’s a well-known shop, these salesmen can’t steal your bicycle!”

Well, I had no choice. So, we went back home. It was only on Monday, when they brought my bicycle, to my home, that I could start breathing normally.

Anyhow, so I started using it regularly. It would give my heart rate, and blood pressure, and speed and time. Soon, one thing stopped, then another and now it is totally blank.

I’m still happy. All I need is to move my legs, and they are moving. I just check the time, I want to do it for ten to twenty minutes a day. The tension can be made easy or difficult. The difficult thing is the getting on it, and staying on top of it for at least half an hour.

Recently, when Zaid Ali put up one of his videos on the exercise bicycle and how useful it is to dry your clothes on…. I wonder why I was tagged by Nataliya?

Any ideas dear readers, how to keep on using my exercise bicycle?

Meanwhile, stay blessed! 😉









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