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Harmony between thoughts, speech and feelings.

Hi Everyone! Please grab your cup of tea or coffee and curl up with this post. (Avoid diversions now, or you may find it hard to grasp what I’m trying to say.) It is something vital to understand in our lives. Today, after many decades of life, I’ve discovered it, if you can see it now, it might help you even more.

I’ve realized that it affects us in every way: physically, emotionally, intellectually, socially, spiritually and ultimately financially as well. So, what is it? (No, it isn’t the Corona Virus!)

A triangle:

It hit me suddenly one day the connection between my brain, tongue and heart. So, for the sake of not finding a better terminology – I’ll call these ‘my triangle within my body’.

Deep connection within the triangle:

These are connections between one’s thinking, speech and feelings. Physically it is one’s brain, mouth, and heart and how each of these are deeply connected physically and otherwise, also.

Connection between the three:

It is a triangle. In the sense that if they aren’t in sync there will be big trouble in one’s life and within one’s body.

The brain:

Take your brain, it is medically proven that one of the first symptoms of paralysis, stroke, or trouble in the brain, is a slur in one’s speech, or a drooping of one’s mouth muscles.


Also, if you have a heart trouble, and you are going to get dental work in your mouth, you have to be extra cautious, otherwise, your heart will get affected too. Any infection in the mouth, affects one’s heart. (Ask a doctor, if you don’t believe me, or Google it.)


Then comes one’s heart, you know, any stress in one’s thoughts can affect the way it beats. All one’s feelings make one’s heart beat faster or have palpitations or even a heart attack!

So, we have to take care of this ‘love triangle’ within ourselves.

Isn’t this fascinating?

Eureka moment while praying:

I came upon this connection between the three vitals in our body, while praying. Then it struck me how Allah says in Quran, pray by pronouncing the words softly, (so you are moving your tongue) keeping the system linked, the brain and tongue so you are linking the words with one’s thoughts and feelings as you  speak them softly. So, it helps you get focused on the words you speak.

Stay in Sync:

Looking at successful personalities and this element in their success, I found they have harmony between these three major elements in our body.

I found this in my father. When he said something he meant exactly what he said. So, you knew exactly where you stood with him. You felt comfortable, as you knew that if he is being loving it is only because he is expressing his true feelings. If he was angry, you were in no doubt! Even then you didn’t mind, because he was saying exactly what he felt.

Ever been with a person who keeps you guessing? Says one thing and does another? You find out that his true feelings are different? (Isn’t that the case with all ‘online relationships’?) – You really don’t know the reality! all people who cheat and give ‘dhoka‘ and fraud are those whose love triangle isn’t in sync. – It would be us, if we behaved like this too!

 But the funny thing is, you are with the other person for a certain amount of time only. But that person is with himself or herself all the time. How does such a person feel when his speech and behavior are contradicting each other? Naturally, such people get stress related illnesses.

It gets worse when such a situation carries on for too long.

In life when we think differently from what we say to others, then the brain and tongue aren’t in sync. So, what is happening? Stress. You are hiding your thoughts, while saying something different.

If it happens occasionally, it will pass. But if this continues, then there is going to be trouble.

No, not so much for others, than it will be for yourself.

This will be affecting the heart, the blood pressure and then the rest of your body.

So, the ripple affects:

The gut feeling! And then there is the fact that  what we eat, affects our general well-being too.

Is this why the stomach is called ‘the second brain?’

Yes, our digestion and intake become affected, when we start doing ‘comfort eating’ or ‘over eating’, to divert ourselves from our thoughts.

This is turning out to be a journey of self-discovery.

Personalities like Quaid-e-Azam, Iqbal, Abraham Lincoln, and many others and of course all the prophets, were personalities who were in sync with what they thought and believed. They never painted a different picture or behaved differently from what they felt.


It takes guts to live a life by having all these organs and elements in sync. Once you do it, there is no turning back. Even your enemies will respect you. If they don’t, you won’t care. Because all that will matter to you is to be in the moment of truth.  

Slowly, people will start respecting you for it, as they find that you are as honest with your friends as your foes. Because you are who you say you are at all times.

Avoid people who do not match your thinking:

Such people will never be in the presence of people they dislike. This is why avoiding constant moments of conflict. Hence the concept of divorce was accepted in Islamic society. The concept of migration too was accepted for the same reason. It is the same when you change jobs. So you move to a place where you find people of similar mindsets.

Live in sync, a healthy life and relationships:

This is why it is vital for a person to get into a relationship of any sort with like minded people. Whether it is marriage, job, or living in a society.

This is why when I took my father to the hospital, the doctors would be so surprised to know that he had no illnesses, no high blood pressure, sugar or anything like that even at the age of almost ninety-two years.

Your life, and the triangle:

Once your head, speech and your heart are in sync with each other, life gets easier.

Forgive quickly:

For God’s sake forgive – if only to please Him – then move on with your life. We don’t have the time to keep hanging on to grievances. It is time to complete our own journey and complete our own work.

Letting go:

Keeping the three organs in sync becomes easier, when we learn to ‘let go’ of our past. Our baggage, and our grievances. (I’m sure the others have an equal amount against us too!) So, just let go.

Let go of the dead in your life:

I’ve realized this too. We have to let go of all our loved ones who have left for a better world. Let us not pull them back by ‘missing them’ all the time. We have to move on to complete our own journey which we shall be leaving soon.

It is time to focus on our own triangle and find our own truths.

I’m sure we all have tried many ways of living. Yet, let us agree that this is the only way to live. If we observe our mentors and our heroes, this is the common factor in all – that their thoughts, speech and feelings were always in sync.

The only way to live:

The sight of blossoms in spring always gives me the feeling of starting a fresh new life once again. To have more flowers in life by planting the seeds of fresh ideas and realizations.

Yesterday, Wg. Cdr Nauman laid down his life in Islamabad. He gave his life and saved the lives of many by making his plane crash in the mountains of Shakarparian, otherwise, he could have ejected. He chose to give his own life for us.

Today I sit here in Islamabad and write this blog post in peace, looking out at the sunshine. Yes, he didn’t think twice while giving his life for us. His family will know this and never blame him because they will respect his desire to live by his own beliefs.  In an interview, he had said that if need be, I’ll give my life for my people’s security. That is exactly what he did.

His thoughts, speech, deeds and feelings were all the same!

Now lets see if we can live a life which is in sync with our beliefs too.

Stay blessed my Readers. ?

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  1. Aamir Kabir says:

    Masha Allah! Indeed its an inspiring manuscript which can be a mind changer for all of those who are putting their efforts in haphazard way.By focusing and controlloing these sensors we may change our world better than today.This script will add millons if it can be desiminatec on print media for voider circulation.May God Bless you more and more.Allah karay Zor e Qalam ore ziada Ameen.Regards

    1. Shireen Gheba Najib says:

      Thanks for your comment, it means a lot to me.

  2. Hafsa ali khan says:

    Asalamualikum, may Allah keep you happy and in good health. Reading this really felt amazing. Words have soo much magic in them. I wanted to share some thoughts too. When a person is in any kind of emotional distress there are several ways that he/she expresses it, our brain sync with those body parts that expresses the pain. It feels like pain in itself have a language some people paint some people write some people go for a walk everything portrays there level of disturbance one way or another but as soon as they start to accept and feel the pain they start healing. Idk if you’ll find it irrelevant to the post but i felt like sharing

    1. Shireen Gheba Najib says:

      Dear Hafsa,

      Yes, it is very relevant to the topic. How the body, soul and emotions affect each other. The response of the individual person is also unique. The response to pain maybe in the ways you mentioned, definitely; or some more ways. There is a catharsis through these resultant activities, soothing and healing the person.
      It feels as if you read the post with great attention and feel. Thank you so much. 🙂

      Stay blessed.

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