Papita and papiti

Papita and papiti


Story of my papaya tree

Four years ago, when we moved into our own home, my parents got fruit for us, and there was a huge papaya in it too. My cook planted those seeds, and very soon twelve ‘trees’ were growing one foot tall in my tiny ‘lawn’. When he wasn’t looking, I pulled out eleven of them as the flower beds were too small. I kept one, just to not break his heart. Unknown to me, another one was growing outside the boundary wall. It turned out to be the male. It was perfect distance for the bees and butterflies to do the needful. Within a few months, the trees had grown high and little papayas started appearing. Now, it’s a sturdy papaya tree but the funniest of its kind.

Instead of the one large ‘trunk’ there are so many branches sprouting out of the one main trunk. Instead of five to seven huge papayas, I get at least twelve or sixteen small 5-6 inch funny shaped papayas.

Last night I walked with my daughter Waliya to the nearby market, and saw the awesome huge papays growing on the one large trunk of my neighbours papaya tree. There were several planted in a row. Each one had at least four to six huge papayas!

Mine is funny to look at and has really odd shaped papayas too. What to do now? I’ve decided to call mine ‘papitis’ as they are so small in comparison. Well, no complaints, as I get a steady supply of papayas most of the year round. And I love my  tree just as I’d love my own child no matter how she or he looked!

Recently, I’ve noticed the ‘male’ plant outside has become all leafless and miserable. Is it dead? Now I’ll be needing a male.

I was in college when I’d hear mom and my aunt Ismat laughing when she said, “I had just moved into our new house, and my neighbor arrived and looking at my husband, while saying “I need a male from your house!” I  was so shocked. But I realized she was talking about papaya trees!” The two of them would go into peals of laughter. I never understood that joke.

Now I do!

…Stay blessed and happy my dear reader. 🙂 PS: I’m trying to cheer you up after yesterdays’ rather sad blog.

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