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‘Tarr Tarr’ of frogs

Do we speak too much sometimes?


imagesOne of my favorite jokes is of two frogs sitting side by side and ‘chatting’… one says:

‘Tar’ (that’s what frogs say!)

The other one says, ‘tar’,

This goes on for a while till the first one says: ‘

‘tar tar’

‘Why did you change the topic?’ the second frog gets angry.

So this is how most relationships go. We all go in same kind of circles. The moment we try to say or do something new, the other person retaliates, angrily.

28684978_1869166026450014_6055482211627582821_nI’m telling you, most of our ‘command posts’ in our lives, like parenting, or being head of the household, or being in-charge of an organization. We find ourselves getting into a ‘routine’ in that relationship or work output, which becomes kind of a comfort zone for both. Then no matter how much noise you make, things remain the same.

I’ve found that we waste a lot of our energy trying to ‘sort out’ others. – When actually, one needs to sort one’s self out more.

Most of the time, our children know what to do. They also know what you will say at what they do, they also know, they will still do it. So, why waste your breath ‘tarr tarring’ so much?

Most of my friends whom I speak to these days, have a sore throat. (I’ve had it too!) Then, as you try to put the phone down they go into long paragraphs of details on how bad their throat is, and how much it hurts. Yes, yes. We now know why it happens like this because, it needs REST. And we aren’t giving it to ourselves.

So, my dear sweet ones. Stop tarr tarring, and save your energy and your throats. Why not spend that time, (there is a lot of it…) in doing something you really want to do, – just like everyone else is doing? Do your own thing.

I’ve seen in teaching, parenting and leading (of any kind) you can get twice the work done with half the energy spent, just by speaking half the amount.

I know if some of my close friends are reading this piece they must be wondering ‘you should be writing this after all that ‘tarr tarring!’’

Yes, you can take this blog as straight from the heart and experience. I do a lot of ‘tar tarring’ and realize it too when my throat is sore.

You see, ‘my dear friend, it is precisely after doing all that tarr tarring that I’ve found this out!’

Through experience !

This pic taken by my good friend Naila.















I’m wondering if my blogs too fall in that category! (This is where I put on my ‘thinking’ emoticon.)

Could be!

What the heck, let us all just remember we can save a lot of time, energy , health issues and what not, just by ‘tarr tarring’ lessor. We need to question ourselves about what we are doing with our lives, and where are we actually going?

(Hence a short blog this time!)

We all know, women speak  more than men do – or so it appears. We also know, men have more than double the amount of assets of the world than women do. We keep the purse, they hold the assets! Wake up girls. Stop this tarr tarring and let us get moving! I mean we do need to change the topic more often and get deeper into the real stuff of life than we do.

Got what I’m trying to get at?

Stay blessed my Jans. We need to think  more and be blessed more too 😉



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