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July 2018 thoughts…

I guess, I better accept that real life isn’t so streamlined. Half the year is over, I’m already  behind schedule on lots of things. But then, I’ve also done a lot of things which were not in the ‘schedule’ but far more important; like engagement of my youngest daughter Waliya. Giving time to my second daughter Nadiya, who was leaving the country, moving for Canada. Also, to help get gifts for poor children studying in CSS school, and specially taking care of my elderly parents. So, I guess it is okay.

In July, we need to re-align ourselves to our primary goals.

Right now, in July here are the most important issues. I know you have a busy life too. But these matters mentioned below won’t take more than two days each! So, do look it up very seriously. Please read it while thinking ‘how can I do it?’ Just as I’m thinking the same while writing it:

  1. Rain water control at domestic and community level, during monsoon.
  2. Tree plantation.
  3. Elections.
  4. My life these days.

All these were to be done yesterday, I know. But let’s do it now. The plan is simple and do-able:

  1. Rain water control:
    • Collecting of rain water in house: Get plumber and find a way to have all rain water falling on roof of your house (whether it is yours or rented) to come down one drainpipe, which can end up in a drum which is raised up a bit in height, (on bricks or a ‘chawki’). Then put a tap in lower end, so you can use it for washing, car, clothes, or plants. This is just two days’ planning and a lot of conservation here. There are some ideas I found on the net for you. I’m sure you can do much better. Then share your pictures with me, so we can tell everyone how we did it. Yes, my plumber is on the way. We have already worked it out. Those of you who are constructing houses, please find a more cost-effective way to do it. Specially, the architects among you, please pay heed to what I’m writing here. Individually, you and I can make small rocky pools too in your lawn. (I know you are thinking of dengue, I’m sure there is a better way around it, than to stop doing this!) As children we played outside all day, I’ve never had malaria or dengue. Precaution and prevention is the key there.
    • Collecting rain water in community: Try to mobilize local community agents to find ways to collect rain water in small ponds, or by building small ‘dams’ or restrictions within ravines, so the water just doesn’t gush over. It does get collected in smaller man-made ponds. When landscaping in your community and home is being done, collecting of rain water needs to be considered too. Building mini-dams in your area, here are some ideas for that:
  2. Tree plantation: If you visit any free government nursery (we have one by Pakistan Tobacco Company in F-10 area next to F-9 Park.) Buy or get trees, flowering shrubs, and plant them in and around your house and community. Try to consult someone who is an expert. If not, do some research on Google to find out the best plants to be in your area. Try to have at least all trees of same type on one road. So, when they bloom, they bloom together.
  3. Elections: Please do find out, what needs to be done in order to use your vote. Please do get your CNIC card verified for correct address, so your name is in the nearest election poll area, and you can go to vote. Please avoid all these propaganda stunts, and silently observe and read between the lines. Vote for the one whom your heart tells you to vote for. This country has already suffered too many fools, due to the foolish habit of not voting. Also, even if they are ‘rigging’. Be there, to be a witness to know if it is true or not. If you can, go and correct the situation, as much as you can. I’m telling you, there is a power of the masses, and it is getting more powerful due to the phones we hold and how we can ‘capture’ their fraudulent ways. Use this power sensibly. Please do not get taken in by ‘free food’ and ‘transportation’ by the parties. Be true to yourself and your country while voting. Just listen to your heart.

4. My life continues:

So, I’d love to share some things with you:

Getting interviewed by FM 100:

As far as my life is concerned, I got the new experience of being interviewed on FM Service. It was unique. As you know, I’ve had the PTV World, Classics Show experience. There Shabnam Riaz (my interviewer) has become my friend now. Well, it was Afifa who has been wanting me to go with her for it. We had never met before, but had spoken on phone. So meeting Afifa from Aman Qalab was a great experience for me. The host, Mahnoor, smoothly conducted the live show. I loved the interest of the youth in promoting peace. Defining peace, and how we can go about it was the topic. So, it was really interesting. Quite an eye-opener, to find out how much these young people at Aman Qalab are doing: Just look up their website for further details.  It was good to know how much was being done by the ‘Shaoor’ and ‘Aman Qalab’, Peace without borders.

 I love this sort of thing. Meeting the vibrant and action-oriented  youth is a big bonus for me. After all my book too is for them, and they are my inspiration in life. We, must support them and all that they do. If they make mistakes and have hiccups in issues, we should support them even more.

Who could be more valuable than our own children and their generation?

Watched two films which I’d highly recommend: The Jurassic World was a masterpiece.

The other was an older one (2014) called:

100 feet journey. Quality is what one sees in both productions.  Stephen Spielberg had participated in its production

Meanwhile the art classes at my Shireen’s Studio continued:

Yes, we are very blessed my dear Reader, to have such wonderful younger generation. I’m full of hope as far as they are concerned. Let us do our bit, and help and support them in doing their part. 🙂

The best part was when I received this message:

Thank you so much for sharing your feelings with me. Love and hugs. 🙂

Note: I’m extremely indebted to all those who took these photographs. For a change, I’ve taken liberties from online photographs mostly for this blog, with gratitude. If anyone has any objection, I shall remove these. Meanwhile, just see why I’ve used these photographs, as they show you how to go about the water conservation and tree plantation work we have to do this month. We have no time to waste now. Best of luck!


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  1. AYUB MALIK says:

    This is very interesting and informative blog. We should really do something practically. Thanks Allah to bless us with people like shireengheba who provide motivation and inspiration. Thanks mam for writing such a useful article.

  2. Thank you so much for your appreciation. I’ve just completed the work in my house. I wanted to make suggestions that are doable and are time and cost effective. Alhamdolillah, they are.
    Take care and stay blessed.

  3. Nadiya Khan says:

    Good article mama as usual. Great and interesting topic. There is a foundation called Mohammad Ali Saeed foundation. They are planting a lot of trees in Pakistan. The owner is in touch with me and I asked him to get in touch with you as he is doing good things for the country. Jurrasic park link needs to be added in the blog mama. Its url is showing. You can add its you tube trailer instead. that’ll be great. Pictures you add on blogs should only be from the following websites: You can find them and then save as on your pc.
    These are all great pictures, they dont have any watermarks and are also free to use without copyright issues.
    Great Job tC

    1. Shireen Gheba Najib says:

      Thank you, my precious. I really love your input. These are very informative. I want to connect with your friend for the plantation project. We are going into it within the next two weeks. By next week we want to have it all in order. Thank you for the links for the pics. I really needed that one. Felt very guilty for using the ones I did. At least 90 % of my pictures are my own, and a few of Nataliya and Waliya. Best wishes, and keep in touch. Love and hugs.

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