Regional Exhibition at National Art Gallery, Islamabad.

Regional Exhibition at National Art Gallery, Islamabad.

“Takht Bhai to Potohar”

(Exhibition opened on 22nd August, it will continue till 10th of September 2017)

My association with the National Art Gallery is a long one – long before this building was constructed in 2007. Previously, it was located in houses in F-7. 1n 1981 when my first solo paintings exhibition was held in it, National Art Gallery was a rented building in F-7/2, then another one was located in F-7/1 in house of Faiz Ahmed Faiz. There were many memorable ‘Evening with Artist’ spent at the gallery. located in heart of the city, it was the hub of activity and interactive sessions with maestros like Ashfaque Ahmed, Raja Changez, Anwar Maqsood, Uzma Gillani just to name a very few. Finally when the beautiful imposing building is ready, there is ample space for art works to be displayed in this spacious building which has many floors accommodating all types of arts including music, paintings, dance and an imposing auditorium for indoor performances, as well as an outdoor theater for performances outside.



Back in 1981, I held my first solo exhibition at the National Art Gallery. During the opening speech by the great Director Khalid Saeed Butt, the need for a proper building for National Art Gallery was stressed. The chief guest was Inam-ul-Haq the Minister for Housing. So, it was a plea to the concerned authority who was in-charge of building buildings in the country. However, the continuous struggle for allocation of funds for this building finally received fruition in 2007. Back then it seemed like an ‘impossible’ dream.


Now, looking at the building, it is always a pleasure. Knowing how many decades of struggle brought it into being, finally.



These days an exhibition of paintings is on entitled ‘Takht Bhai to Potohar’ which is part of a Regional Exhibition. Here are some glimpses of the paintings and other sections of this imposing National Art Gallery in Islamabad.

I’m not going into details, just giving you a glimpse of this exhibition to give you a taste of whats in store for you. When you walk around and just absorb each work of art, its a beautiful experience. Coming out of it feels like you’ve met so many people, and seen their inner thoughts and feelings which they have shared with you. It gives you energy and rekindles feelings that you’ve kept buried deep inside. Feelings and thoughts you dare not express. Here are artists who have expressed their feelings in a candid manner. The beauty of nature, the contradictions and provocative feelings, are expressed with interesting compositions. The use of different mediums like oils, acrylics, water colors, along with sculptures and prints in different materials like woodcut, are executed with talent and skill. The miniatures were very creative also, and very connected to the world of today.

Please do visit this imposing building, and these days enjoy the exhibition along with one on Calligraohy. In fact, do visit any art gallery that you can, take along your friends, or spend some ‘me time’, here. If nothing else, just take a video tour online of any gallery in the world. I’m sure you would enjoy the experience.

You will certainly come out a wiser and more satisfied and enriched person.

Stay blessed by bringing art works  into your life, even if not into your homes. 🙂

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