Mentors of Art, Wisdom, Spirituality and more!
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Mentors of Art, Wisdom, Spirituality and more!

Why does everything happen together? I mean, there could have been some space in-between – ideally speaking. But that’s life.  So, I decided to enjoy it!


To start with, my spiritual mentor Mahjabeen had had an operation and was seriously ill. I couldn’t think straight. Just felt like praying for her, that’s all. So, I knew I wouldn’t be able to do anything till I’d met her. So, I did. Thank God she is better now, but it was touch and go for a while. I begged Allah to spare her life, as I need her in this world very badly.  Though we don’t meet very often – Just the odd message on WhatApp here or there. But just knowing she is around, makes me feel so strong. I know, if anything happens or if I need her, she will be with me on phone helping, guiding and consoling me. She is that kind of person. Very very religious. Totally shrouded in her beliefs in purdah, and full of love for all. She is nothing but a complete source of ‘sakeena’  or ultimate peace for me. As she remarks often “what can I do, Allah has put love for you in my heart!” I feel so humble and honored.

So, I realized, how many persons in our lives mean the world to us, even though we do not meet them often. Yet they are a very integral part of our inner strength and happiness. So, thank God, she is better now.

Remember the Financial Accounting paper? Well, it did take place on August 17th. I had worked so hard. There was a paper pattern that was given… yes, the paper was a bit different. So, now I need even more prayers. I did try all the questions. Attempting one perfectly; second one at 99% and then it kept slipping. But well, I was far better prepared, even if the paper was unexpected. So, now I’m hoping to pass, if not excel in it. To think of the hours that my class fellow Irfan put in every evening trying to make me understand the nitty gritty details. The days my friend Aisha put in to get some sense into me. The answer book I bought, the question papers I worked on.

After the paper, I visited my mentor Dr. Feroza. She consoled me and said “Do not worry now, you know you tried your best.” That is what Irfan also told me. I had even stopped my art classes for last two months in order to work on my exam. L So, well it’s over and done with. At least I tried. That is the important thing. No more thinking about it, only praying for the result now.

Next, I just got absorbed into another job of teaching. I love it actually. – Just needed an incentive to get out of bed in the morning, earlier. I had tried every trick in the book, nothing worked. So, I accepted this teaching job. To also sort myself out, while doing what I’ve always loved. The sight of children just makes my day. I love them. The place is nearby, the owners are friends. That is all I wanted for the time being.

So, while avoiding my exam dates, I agreed to give a later date to Abbas Husain my mentor in the field of education and spirituality.

20953149_1651827331517219_7176308199726345070_n(Yes, I have a different Mentor for each field of interest.) The date was August 22nd. Later, I realized that on 21st I was starting my new job. To make matters more interesting, my daughter was arriving from States that night at 1.25 a.m. So, yes, EVERYTHING was happening together. I knew I wouldn’t be able to stay away, so I had to drive to the airport to receive my precious ones. Naturally, we had a good chat till 4.30 a.m. Then went to school, and came back to make final arrangements for the program in the evening.


It was a session with the great Spiritual speaker Abbas Husain. I invited folks to it, whoever was interested.

Shabana and Qaiser who got married last year, she is a wonderful artist and part of my art group called Generation Rahi. Now her wonderful husband is also part of our group.

There were many interested. However, it was the same date as the National Exhibition of Paintings at National Art Gallery in PNCA where I was also invited and my work was being exhibited too. So, it was a real tie. The timings were almost the same, so I had to regret.

Anyhow the Wisdom Tales were as inspiring and eye opening as expected. The session being interactive and full of active participation by Shaheera and her family, Aisha, Amina, Sadia and even the young ones. It was really a mesmerizing session enjoyed by all.

That was on 22nd, on 24th, (today) the Exhibition of Hajra Manoor’s paintings took place in Gallery 6 Art Gallery, Islamabad.

Meeting Hajra Mansoor and sharing our usual chat with each other. She was looking so beautiful in white, her usual lovely cool and calm self. 

It was another zabardast (awesome) exhibition which we all enjoyed.

The right age to start admiring art work. This piece was part of the regular displays, not Hajra’s work. 

Specially meeting all my art friends, who have been missing me these last couple of months.

21077429_1653345794698706_3238812491463591063_nMeeting my art mentors Mansoor Rahi (husband of Hajra) and Hajra Mansoor was as usual a wonderful experience.

Here I am with Nataliya and Mansoor Rahi.

Both blooming in their seventies, look amazing and are full of energy and action. Their stable, disciplined personalities give one great peace and inspiration whenever you meet them. They are always ready with their advice whenever asked. Hajra Mansoor has played a great role in recent changes in my art. I find her work deeply inspiring.

Hajra’s paintings are almost completely about lovely young girls in a magical moment in their lives. 


Here we are with the great couple!

Here I am with Arjumand Faisel, owner of Gallery 6, I had once interviewed him for my regular column in Dawn newspaper. He is a very experienced art gallery owner who started his first gallery in Karachi.

With Arujumand Faisel the owner of Gallery 6 – one of the most exclusive galleries in Islamabad. 

The teaching in Sarah’s School has been fun too. Helping children during any part of their lives on a daily basis has its own rewards.

So, when you are ‘busy’ with so much going on, and every bit of it is real fun and wonderful, I can only feel so blessed and so happy.

Stay blessed my dear Reader, we need to give space to all those things happening in our lives, which nurture us and make us feel better.




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