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Life has new ways of teaching you new lessons. Otherwise, I’m telling you, we’d never learn. This winter, I’ve learnt a lot due to being a bit ill with a sore throat and that fall I had earlier. Life carries, on and that’s what you do, no matter what hurdles come your way.


Sore throat syndrome:

I’m telling you I’m getting really bugged!

‘why?’ You ask.

‘I’ve found out, that no one talks in my life but me. So, when my throat is bad…’

Dead silence. I get bored. You all don’t talk at all. You economize and save your energies all the time. I mean.  Another thing; the moment I make actions, that my throat is bad and I cannot talk, people clam up! You don’t know how to handle the situation. (I know, I talk too much, so you are unprepared for this.)

The bonfire.

Every year, Mazhar Nisar the poet who works in Health Dept. and is a PTV newscaster, has this bonfire at his home. We all look out for it. It has become quite the event of the year. During last few days, in the freezing cold, (yes, we Pakistanis, freeze at 4 degrees C!) I’ve been out singing at this bonfire. (I believe that is where I got ill.) You see, till around midnight we sat outside, loving the cold, in our warm woollies, sitting with ash falling all around us. Loving the warmth of the fire.

Sahil Fayaz sang there last year too. He is amazing, and will be singing for an upcoming movie. We are lucky to have heard him along with his accompanying drummer. I’ve added two videos of his song and music. Yes, he is good.

It was the singing. The songs were so lovely and familiar, one had to sing along.

Yes, that did it.

Then the party for Aania, yesterday.

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After that in full rainy weather, had to go for a party, on a day which was designed for snuggling in a quilt to watch movies. (Hello – I’ve retired myself quite recently. I can afford this luxury.) But no. I have to go out in that rain, to attend a party, putting my poor throat to agony trying to croak through it.

The party was to honor our dear friend Aania for all she does for us. All our art group functions are selflessly and painstakingly managed by her. She is such a gem, that we decided to give her a surprise. Naheeda Raza the art gallery owner, held it in her home. She ordered the delicious lemon cake from Tehzeeb bakers, and the flowers. Each of us decided to bring a dish and a gift also. Literally, she got the surprise of her life! ?

So, whatever was left of my throat, ended there!

My followers and remedies:

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You, my darlings, have come up with potion after potion to soothe me. Sabir, my domestic help keeps coming every little while with another potion of some type, or a medicine. He is from Kashmir. That means they are amazing at herbal potions for every imaginable problem. Otherwise, he uses YouTube to find it.

Life is so good:

So, actually, life is so good Alhamdolillah.

New year has begun with the new term of ‘New Year Intentions’ for me, and no more resolutions which never get done. But lots of intentions. We all need those.

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As usual. So much exciting stuff is going on in my life. Some I can share with you, some I cannot.

So just hold on, till I can…..!

One of these fine days I’ll be sharing other stuff with you that is going on right now.


Stop guessing.

Social media syndrome:

The problem is, here I am the writer, author and blogger – yes, and an ‘influencer’ they call it these days.

Then there are three of my daughters who are influencers, bloggers while two are photographers too. Between all of us, there are literally no secrets! (I know, you all keep hopping from one to the other….)

90% of you invariably guess what it is.

So, keep guessing….

But honestly. At least one out of two of my secrets, you may guess. But you can’t guess at all what the other one might be. That I can tell you.

Anyhow. I love you all.

Sad happenings too:

Life is really rough sometimes. The media has got to be more responsible. More kind. More caring, and understanding too. Australia’s bush fires, Trumps’ impeachment (isn’t that good news?) Many things happening in and around our lives.

I’ve come across a very tragic incident. Which has shaken me up.

Why is it that when you all hear of some tragic thing you all think of me?

Tell me?

Well, its sweet of you all.

But I have my limitations too.

But don’t worry. I do what I can.

When I can’t do anything, I tell you. I wont give you false hopes. Its better to let you know that something is ‘not possible’, so you need not waste your time with me. Find someone more resourceful.

Forgive. Please forgive wholeheartedly. None of us know what is going on in the other person’s life.

Do not make assumptions of your own.

Most of these assumptions are wrong.

Also, they are none of our business, why another person cannot help us.

Only look up at Allah.

Time is precious:

This time will never ever come again. Every minute of ours spent here is so precious.

Specially for us.



So, careful with the amount you spend here on social media, phone, laptop or whatever. Pay more attention to the one sitting next to you.

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Me time is vital:

So, I was thinking that it is so important for each of us to have some ‘me time’ every day. A time to contemplate. To write down thoughts, and specially feelings. To express emotions. To find out why we are feeling as we are. Why we are no longer what we thought we were.

Why people change.

Most importantly, why we change.


We have to change with the changing times.

Letting go:

If someone in our lives moves on.

We have to move on too.

Dimagh thora hi kharab hai? You aren’t out of your mind!

You see, sometimes, you believe that someone had come into your life, to be there forever. But in your heart you had always known it. That it was just for that time slot in life.

So how to react to this?

With love.

Say a silent ‘goodbye’ if the opportunity didn’t come.

Be at peace.

Like that Kon Marie attitude with things.

It should be the same with people going out of our lives….

Sit down for a while. Look at those memories. Open that dam, and let them flood out. Love them. Accept them as they were. Yes, they were good, or you wouldn’t be feeling bad now.

There is a time for letting go.

This is the time to let go of those memories.

Those feelings too…

One by one.

Tear up the pictures, letters, memos, and go and do one these there:

  1. Burn up and see the ashes fly off in the wind.
  2. Leave the torn pieces in the nearby lake, stream or sea.
  3. Block/delete permanently from phone, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook.

Now, say your final good bye. Smile. Say a prayer for that departed soul.

Give a sadqa for the departed soul and for your new beginnings.

New me, new beginnings:

Then say a prayer for yourself, who has arrived, all set to spend the rest of your life in a fresh new way. Make a beautiful place in your present for yourself, and what and who is to come.

Hello! My new me. I’ve arrived.

Let us stay blessed. ?

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