Faisal Naveed loses both arms

Hi Everyone!

Hope you are having a great day? Alhamdolillah, life is good. Allah is kind. Each of us is facing his or her own struggles. None of us know what kind of peril we may face at what time in our lives. We really must be grateful for all His blessings, on a daily basis.

When we are a witness to someone going through a challenge, I believe, it isn’t a test for them, it is a test for us who are witness to it and do nothing about it. I know we can’t do something for everyone. But we certainly can do for a chosen few. Here is the plight of this forty-two-year-old man.

My Instagram follower informed me:

It was late at night, during end of first week of January, when I was answering my Instagram messages,  I stopped at Hiba Chaudhry’s. She took my attention completely. I was wanting to sleep, but what she said disturbed me. It was obvious she was very upset.

A tragic accident:

Hiba had found out through her grandmother, that a man living in outskirts of Rawalpindi, in Gujjar Khan area, has lost both his arms. It happened due to a machine used for chopping fodder in the fields. She went on to say, that ‘when I heard of it, I couldn’t help thinking of you.’

Since the man lived far from my place, (even the girl who lives near Taxila hasn’t met him.) So, I wondered, how is it possible for me to help? Anyhow, I did what I usually do. I asked her for further details about the man. Photographs of him, his identity card and so on, and phone number of his wife. She said she will get these.

One week passed, I couldn’t stop thinking of him. (While brushing my teeth, I’d think, ‘he can’t do this!’ – whatever I did all day, I’d think how can he do normal every day chores? How will he hug his wife and children?

Also, I knew that he is the sole breadwinner of his family.

Finally, after a week,  she contacted me with further details. It had taken a long time as there was an issue of people not having a proper internet there or smart phones to WhatsApp the details forward.

How it happened:

It happened on January 3rd 2020. As his one hand got caught in that deadly machine, he tried to get it out with his other hand, that is when both got stuck. The pictures of his condition afterwards, which were shared with me, were gruesome. So I spared my followers, and only shared the picture of him when he used to be fine. Just telling them what happened.

My followers are amazing:

As amazing as my followers are, immediately I started getting responses. Meanwhile, Hiba Chaudhry gave me his wife’s number and informed me that Faisal will be visiting Holy Family hospital, so I spoke to his wife Nosheen so we could coordinate a meeting with them at the hospital.

Meeting the afflicted family:

I’m so glad I went. By then two weeks had passed. The brave man smiled and greeted me. His wife was calm and in control. (I knew exactly how she felt.  Numb. Calm. (Too many tears had already fallen.) You are in control by pretending in the beginning, soon it begins to get real.) Try it. Works every time. Same with a smile.

So, it was great meeting them.

Do leave your comments here, and share this story as much as possible, so more people can help this family, or others like them.

The process of recovery:

I believe, he will have to let the wound heal first. Then the process of getting and fitting a proper prosthesis will begin. Insha Allah we shall support this family as much as we can. You have already started sending your donations which I’m accepting gratefully. When you do send one, just write a note if it is only for him. (As you know, I help in other ways to other people too.)

You see the problem is that he is the sole breadwinner. They have three children who are school going. Since they live on a farm, so I hope he is able to get vegetables etc. on the house.

So anyhow, may Allah help him.

Life isn’t easy. It is so tough.

Stay blessed my great Readers. ? I really love you all for your duas, and your help.


PS: Photographs of Faisal Naveed provided by Hiba Chaudhry. Other photographs by author. Here are a few humble gifts taken for the family, along with some cash which I handed Nosheen on our behalf.







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  1. May Allah help this poor soul with his blessings.
    Shireen as always you are doing a remarkable job helping Allah creation.
    I think you should create a bank account for the needy ones. And people like me who can’t reach to you very often can donate in that account on the monthly basis.
    In this way we all can contribute somehow to make other’s life bit easy.
    Please acknowledge or tell me some other way to deposit the amount as I can’t come to your place too often

    1. Shireen Gheba Najib says:

      My dearest Kiran,
      May Allah help us be able to ease his pain and burden. Let us pray for him. Lets hope we can make a difference in his and his family’s life. We all are so interdependent.
      Stay blessed my friend,

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