The sub-conscious mind

The sub-conscious mind

‘Block/delete’ memories or say Alhamdolillah?’


No matter how strong we think we are, life has a way of getting you. Here I am, having the time of my life with my daughter Nataliya, Son-in-law Bilal and little Anya in Seattle, USA. Suddenly I got dizzy spells yesterday. I got these after I cooked my favorite ‘Murgh Palao’.

“Why am I feeling dizzy? There is nothing stressful in my life. So why?” I thought.

Must be my memories attached to Murgh palao:

  1. I learnt it in Kuwait, after our Umra trip. There was this Punjab hotel near Khaana Kaaba in Makkah, which served delicious ‘murgh-palao’ or chicken friend rice. So, on return I kept trying to make it… so this is what emerged.
  2. When Waliya was just six months old. I made lunch of Murgh-palao earlier to give her. As I was giving her, Nataliya (aged ten) and Nadiya (aged seven) came along to join in, soon hubby joined in and we had our lunch by 11.30 am!
  3. Another memory: It is the year 2000, we are driving to Rawalpindi from Sargodha, and I’ve brought murgh-palao for lunch to be had at a picnic spot. We have just come up from the Katha Mountains, while driving through rain and clouds. We are running late, so we can’t have food at the picnic spot. So, while driving through clouds, hubby dear has the plate planted on his lap over a knapkin, he is driving and having his favorite meal while driving! Yes, the girls helped themselves at the back, and I of course, had my share while sitting in the driving seat. The music, the clouds and rain, the drive, all combined to make it a memorable drive.
  4. Year 2006: my Fun Cook Book is published and the recipe of Murgh Palao is in it. I’m sharing it with you now. (I’m photographing the page, you can pick up the book from any Ferozsons’ shop in Pakistan.)

Making it yesterday, brought so many of these happy memories.


So, was I dizzy because of that?

Even if they are, these are not to be ‘block-deleted’. These are memories to say ‘Alhamdolillah’(thank God). In the end, as time passes, we just need to be at peace and grateful for a happy past.

It is important for us to thank Allah to build more happy memories.

Yes, we must also keep that ‘delete-block’ mode handy in our personal activity box to be used on unpleasant memories. Life is just too short for holding on to those….

For this, we have to be sure to know which memories are to be placed in our ‘treasury box of memories’. The above mentioned ones are certainly for the treasury box.

So, the mystery of the dizzy spells continues…

When I mention it to Nataliya, she instantly guesses the reason: She had had an accident the day before. Thank God she and Anya are fine. However, it is something that was subconsciously touching my mind. I was terrified of the thoughts …  ‘what if?’


So, I was wrong about the ‘murgh palao’ thoughts?

So, that was it!

The strain got the better of my system. No matter how much we try to push thoughts aside, they affect us somehow. Thank God, that very morning, Nataliya and I had given ‘sadqa’ (charity) to a man standing on the roadside holding a cardboard saying “God Loves you.” We both gave sadqa to him. Bilal later mentioned also, that he had also given charity the night before. Alhamdolillah, perhaps it was their prayers which kept them all safe.  20161021_103205

How vulnerable each one of us is: we are deeply connected to each other – With blood ties, and with love ties.  


Here is the recipe from my book, for you.

Stay safe and protected, my reader…. and stay blessed.

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