Financial Accounting with national progress
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Financial Accounting with national progress

All my Facebook friends know that what I’m doing these days. Yes, here I am

studying financial accounting.

20431674_1627279083972044_8205382140819841517_n I’m sure you know much more about it than I do. You had it as a subject, I didn’t. Everyone says that the subject is ‘useless’, ‘not used in real life’ and what not! So far, whatever I’m reading is making a lot of sense. The other thing is that like you, I may disagree with some points. Next, I’m planning to look up the software being used. It has made me have a lot of respect for those who are good at it. The word ‘accountant’ has got more dignified intonations for me now! (Keeping in mind that a lot of ‘jugli bugli’ can be done through it too!) The fact remains that it is important.

We all know that it is the backbone of every organization and the key deciding factor in making it a success or failure.

-That includes our homes and our lives!


Anyhow, both of us are too busy, so I’ll cut it short: What do I want to say?

  • That we all must pay attention to our financial independence. You can’t have that

o    By putting it in other people’s hands.

o    Nor can you do it, by ignoring it.

o   Nor can it happen by not giving it time.

o   Nor can you have it by saying “It’s too much for my pretty (or handsome) little head!”

o   If you cannot make time for what is important in your life, then you also cannot take responsibility for what happens in it.

  • Then we blame the men in our lives or the society. Actually, we are to blame .
  • It is very complicated, I agree, – the situation and finance too.
  • Just look around the world. Only those countries are rich where the women are financially strong or independent.
  • Women are 50 to 51% of the population, if we ignore our own selves then half the country will remain at risk.
  • In our country, the women in rural areas work in fields and at home and get nothing for it, neither their own share of property nor control over the spending of the cash earned.
  • Is it any different for most of women in affluent families either? – in spite of being educated or doing jobs?

Hey girls wake up!

So, I interviewed  Zeenat Ayesha of Pappasallis the owner of Islamabad’s earliest and very successful restaurant. She said “I personally work with my accountant and take full interest in the financial workings of the restaurant.” This is why the results are evident. In spite of the great competition, it is standing the test of time.

Joan Collins the very successful writer and actor constantly promotes this aspect in women’s lives, in her amazing books. She personally takes care of her finances. Now, well over eighty years of age, married to a man thirty three years younger, she is still leading a successful life.

Doris Day the great Hollywood actress in the fifties or sixties was properly rooked by her husband who used to ‘manage’ her finances and ended up looting her!

There was a widow I met who faced great hardships after her husband’s death. When she had to go every month to collect some income from an office, a relative offered to do it for her, saying “I don’t want you to suffer the hardships of the outside world.” So, every time, he would secretly take some money from it, after changing a number on the slip. He did this for years, till one day she found out. So, ladies, if you are fit enough  to go out to the market to take hours ‘shopping’ and selecting designs for outfits, you can have energy and do effort for something that will not only improve your own life, but that of your country as well.


This monsoon, change your life with this change in attitude towards your own finances.

If Islam has given us rights, it is of no use, unless we go out there and take those rights and benefits. At the moment, ‘Islam’ is used right left and center against women. Read up girls, and realize your rights. It’s a long battle up front, but we’ve got to take the steps. Remember, the more vulnerable you are the more people will exploit you. That’s the rule of this world. So, brace yourself, and start working hard in the right direction.

I’m wondering if I’m writing this for you, or for me?!


I think you got the point. This is definitely the road to success!


Now what to do?

  1. Record all spending and savings.
  2. Set a daily/weekly time to study where your spending/saving is standing. Prepare annual results of your spending and savings. That will tell you whether you can buy that shiny Audie or BMW or not!


  1. Read up on books or use apps that help you learn. There are wonderful apps you can download into your phone and learn as you go about your life. These even have tests to see how well you have learnt.
  2. Learn from a teacher, tutor, friend, or take up a course.
  3. Be vigilant, tenacious and you will become competent. Believe me; it is much better than weeping, wailing and blaming.
  4. At the same time, we want to make sure we are just and fair and honest at all times.
  5. When you do well, gift yourself a trip to the mountains!



You know it’s also a bit of a ‘Left brain’ and ‘right brain’ problem. We right brain people are very bad in numbers, but believe me we can learn it, if we don’t give up too soon. Also, our brains can develop even after we are grown up and growing more 😉 It’s never too late to learn something new.


You know, Dr. Farhat Hashmi once told me that her oldest student was an 80 year old lady. So, believe me, you can learn it, if I can. I’ve been so bad with numbers all my life. Till ‘life’ decided in my case, life taught me numbers! All these things I’m writing about, I’ve learnt through hard experiences, so perhaps you can learn it by getting it on a plate.


But the hard work and benefits are all yours!

Stay blessed wonderful one! 🙂







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