Problems or opportunities?

Problems or opportunities?

 Why am I telling myself not to write a blog this week?


(“Stop everything else and concentrate on my studies?”)

But still, I am writing a blog post, telling me that I’ll just do it in a jiffy? (Is that going to the computer lingo too?) … just like so many words, like apple, window, now it is gif? GIF?) oops.  Back to my blog… so I was saying…

What I learnt during my MBA was that you can replace the word ‘problem’ with ‘opportunity’ and it really works. Come to think of it, every problem in life has taught us something. If nothing else, it taught us which problems to run from and which problems to face and solve.


So, here I am, giving myself one hour to get this blog done with. I’ve written regularly for 27 years. Yes, actually! Ok, so many of you, my cute readers, are not even 27 years old ?!! No problem. You have better opportunities now than I imagined. Being lessor than 27 is one of them. See what I mean?

So, all these years, I’ve been a freelance writer for several dailies and magazines. Writing is a habit for me. Now, my blog has turned into an addiction! If I don’t write,  I feel I’m doing my reader out of an … opportunity????…. to learn something else, that I have recently learnt too.

So, I am studying Financial Accounting because I flunked in it. All the other papers went very well. So was my Project, but this is beyond me. I’ve got to work hard now. But, still I can’t forget you. So, here I am loving studying and learning new aspects of the subject. (Love it when it clicks. Hate it when it doesn’t!) While trying to focus on my studies, there are so many ‘problems’ and ‘opportunities banging on my door….

Water problem in Islamabad.

I’m sharing a couple of pictures with you of a pond near my home. These pics were taken three years ago. If you see it now, it is more rugged with much lessor water.


So, there is this water problem in Islamabad caused by the lowering of water table in this region. As Gp. Capt. Jamil – a friend of my husband and myself – just remarked, “had the CDA (Capital Development Authority) thought about it earlier, and built some ponds in and around Islamabad to contain the rain water, this problem could have been avoided.” Instead, I’ve seen CDA send tankers to take out water from the natural pond near my home.


So, I’ve been going frantic trying to brainstorm how to solve this water issue.


I got this man named Rehman son of Haji Ramzan to come and give the previous water pump a last try, to see if it works. No, their try was all futile. Now what?

At CDA level: Dig out ponds in every sector, use the heavy machinery available. It can be done within days. I saw this in America, and wondered why they wasted so much effort. Now I know!

At individual level: I am seriously considering getting a new water pump dug up and get a wider boring done of around 7” to go around 300 feet deep underground, to get the water.  First of course, I’ll have to talk to people who got this work done, and by whom. Let me get full assurance before embarking on this solution. I’m told you can sign a contract with the diggers to only make full payment after the water situation has been in fully working order.

So, here is the opportunity to solve this water problem for some years to come!

My Cholesterol…

Finally, I got my cholesterol test done which Dr. Mehmood had advised 1.7 years ago.  I’ve found out, everything is totally out of hand (I had a feeling this was coming!) So, I assured my doctor of good behavior, if he would give me a little more time to exercise and mind my diet, and then I’ll improve my Cholesterol blood test result. So, in next six weeks I bring my Cholesterol down. By the way, my triglycerides are fine.

Starting today: Only salad and a small bowl of haleem for lunch; Revive my daily walks to F9 park again. So, now I’m in for some physical exercise also. Something I’ve been dying to do anyway. I’ve always walked every evening. So, this will be the old (younger) me again.


So, here is the opportunity to get my Cholesterol down at last.

9th National Exhibition :

How could I not participate in the 9th National Painting’s Exhibition about to happen in National Art Gallery? I had participated in the previous ones, so this couldn’t be left out. So, there I was with my paintings at the office of Sobia Rehman, providing her all details required.

20374363_1627294470637172_8780474479240857185_n Having been a part of the art scene here since 1981 when I held my first solo exhibition at National Art Gallery, (in a house in F-7,) so now it feels like a bit of home to me. It feels good to be recognized  and feel the welcoming ambiance.

Met my namesake there, Shireen Rasul who was apparently named by her dad after me. It came as a surprise to both of us, as she told me she had heard all her life about me from her dad and his family. Her grandfather Col. Tariq Rasul Qureshi was my Dad’s buddy and close friend. I remember him vividly. Here was the Shireen who is an artist and had come to give her painting too. Life, is full of amazing surprises. It was nice to meet her and her dad whom I’d met after many years. Then she wrote this piece on her Facebook page:


Finally met the lady I always wanted to meet, Shireen Gheba, from whom my father was inspired because of her talent and serious interest in studies and education! My dad named me Shireen after her because he wanted a talented daughter. They were childhood friends, like brother and sister. Their dads were best friends. We met at the PNCA while submitting our art pieces for the National Exhibition show. My dad recognised her instantly when he heard her name being addressed by someone. It was a VERY surprising moment. So glad to have met you auntie. You’re so cute. Stay happy and blessed. ?feeling delighted with Shireen Gheba and Ziad Rasul at PNCA (Pakistan National Council of Arts).


Whenever you visit Islamabad, do visit the National Art Gallery . Believe me, you won’t be disappointed. In fact, I’ve loved it always. Remembered it a lot when I visited the National Art Gallery, at Washington DC. Yes, our art is at par with the rest of the world. In fact it feels more warm and dynamic to me. Yes, you can say I’m prejudiced. 😉

Well, my room itself is an art gallery, as I sit and write here.

So, this problem gave me the opportunity to participate in the upcoming 9th National Painting Exhibition, in Islamabad.



Financial Accounting Paper


The paper is on August 17th, 2017. So, I do have an EMBA degree, but I opted to get an MBA instead. I had just started it when my husband was diagnosed with cancer. (Then my whole world toppled with all the peripheral happenings.) Dr. Feroza, my mentor at my University said,  “do the best for your husband, but do not leave your studies either.” She advised me to get it converted to Distance Learning, so I could take care of my husband, and study at my own time. Also, to appear for my exams. In this way, I did pass all my papers except…. yes, Financial Accounting. It is not a subject you can learn on your own. So, here I am. But, believe me, whatever I’ve understood of it, I’ve realized how important it is. As I learnt in Rich Dad Poor Dad and Suzie Orman books, I’ve got to upgrade my financial Accounting knowledge. Otherwise, I won’t be able to manage my life either.


I’d ask all of you to do the same. Get all information possible to manage your finances as soon as possible. You cannot do it by sitting on Facebook or the cinema. It means solid hard work and concentration. I’ve paid up the exam’s entrance fee. Now, its time for you to pray for me, and for me to study hard.

So, here is my opportunity to complete my Financial Accounting and to get my MBA degree finally – thus converting my EMBA to MBA (HRM).

Last date at Roylis!

I’m a chicken at going to beauty parlors, so my daughters got together and gifted me a gift voucher on my birthday last month. It is the kind of head massage I needed with all the stuff I have in my head! – Along with manicure and pedicure and a trim. Once I’m there, I love the pampering. But getting me there is the problem. Suddenly, I realized, it was the last day yesterday, otherwise, my children’s hard earned money would have been wasted. So, finally, I went and had such a great time.

All the time there, I was praying for all my daughter’s well-being. Nataliya, Nadiya and Waliya, thank you so much for pampering me wherever you are. Masha Allah, each one of you is a precious gem in my life. Love you all to the moon and back.


Stay blessed my dear Reader. Hope you have problems which turn into such lovely opportunities. Also, when you have sons or daughters they also care for you. It is truly the greatest feeling! Alhamdolillah.



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  1. riffatnaim says:

    So this is what you have been doing after we left. Its strange when one wants to concentrate on an important project unexpected important chores turn up. Pending work become SOS projects.

    1. My dearest friend, I always have time for you. No matter what. Yes, there is too much to do now.

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