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Healing Through Reading, Writing & Yoga

Sitting alone in a room to be with your thoughts uninterrupted, is important for writing.

The value of writing shall not recede with social media. That is what I believe. Every creative act begins with those scrawled notes on paper, or on laptop. Whatever. Thoughts are interpreted through writing. They are put in chronicle order through writing. These get meaning through writing.  Most important of all, you can only communicate properly through writing. All those fourteen hundred years ago, the first words of Holy Quran were ‘Read!’ Iqra. Awesome! To be literate is to be informed. Social media is all about articulation of thoughts. You can become articulate if you write on a regular basis. Start by regular journaling.

Writing a diary is my ‘me-time.’

When I write, it is my ‘me-time’. I don’t know how much it is for you, but it definitely is for me. Today, I’m feeling a bit ‘under the weather’. When you are unwell, you need to make yourself well. How to make oneself well? By medication, rest and putting one’s mind to rest too. You cannot rest physically, without letting the mind rest too. The mind will be at a peaceful state, when its’ agitations are addressed. That harmony between mind and body can be achieved through the act of writing and reading what you have written.

I’ve found yoga to be an important element in life too, because it is all about breathing deeply, which clarifies the brain and helps your thinking and emotions simultaneously.

A tranquil state of mind – Sakeena:

Looking at the Amaltas in full bloom as one writes….

A tranquil state of mind, – Sakeena – is perpetuated in yoga. The state of nirvana, the state of ultimate peace and bliss. When, it is bringing yourself to the state of being at one with your physical being and the universe. When you feel in harmony with everything. That is when you are at your best. As you write, you check up with yourself if you are being physically, emotionally, spiritually, intellectually and financially too. This process is possible through writing.

Everything falling into place.

When you write a diary, you can give yourself that boost and clarity of mind which is essential for your own wellbeing. Usually, there is something bugging one. That is when a person is agitated. So, I open a blank page of my diary, and ‘go to myself for healing…’

The process of healing through my diary:

You can sit outside in your lawn to do your writing…

My process of healing is when I put a line vertically across the page a little to left side. Then write ‘Problem/Opportunity on left side, and ‘Solution’ on right side. I’m telling you, any problem that comes to you, deep down you have the solution with you too. It is an opportunity to improve. Through this process, you know what ‘take’ you are going take! Writing it down, just clarifies it all for you.

Once on paper, you don’t need to bother about it anymore. Its all there. So, as I begin writing starting with point number one, followed with solution of point number one on the solutions’ side…. Slowly, one by one, the problems and their solutions start happening. It is an amazing process. Here you are facing yourself squarely and managing your own affairs at a one-on-one basis.

Feeling relieved:

You are bound to feel relieved by the end of this exercise. Also, as you write the points, you will find that many more points keep coming up. At first you thought there were just three or four factors, by the end of this exercise, you will find, that actually you’ve been facing at least ten or fifteen different aspects of these issues and problems that is why you were feeling so burdened and overwhelmed. Now, that it is all down on paper, point wise, each followed by its own solution, you will definitely feel much better.

Do this exercise alone:

Give yourself a nice and open time slot so you can freely manage your own issues yourself.

An intriguing video:

Yesterday, I was watching an intriguing video by

Having lost my husband to brain cancer, it isn’t possible to watch such a video without getting rather emotional. The fact is that during this long video, one realized that a great deal of value is given to yoga, meditation and breathing.


So, prayer, yoga, self-examination in a personal diary is important and vital in our lives.

Stay blessed, my dear Reader. ?

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