My friend Unzila’s home
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  My friend Unzila’s home

Unzila has a lovely home in Islamabad. I often drop in at her place and feel like sharing what I see. So, this time I thought I better go ahead with it.


We both enjoyed ourselves, as I sipped the tasty lemon grass green tea. Hurriedly, I snapped away with my mobile phone’s camera and then it was a quick trip through her home.


I gave her no time to change, and caught her in her casuals. So she didn’t get a chance to dress up, as she usually does.



We had our songs and shared music as usual. Today, I was remembering a song by Jagjit Singh, “Gham barhay aatay hein, qatil ki nigahon ki tarha…” First saying “I don’t know that song.” Then… as I hummed it, she joined in, filling in the words which I was finding hard to remember! 🙂 Yes, she had remembered it too.


Her love of music and art is reflected in her home, as you see harmony, balance, light, shade and foliage.

Here is one of the beautiful paintings she owns:




Unzila and her husband Ejaz Mohammad, an Electrical Engineer with an MS from USA, and a PhD from UK, have been living here in Islamabad since 2003. They have three children.


Unzila is very keen on learning classical singing. She has been a student of Ustad Fateh Ali Khan, and is currently studying from Ustad Sultan Fateh Ali Khan, son of Ustad Fateh Ali Khan. They are the maestros of classical music from Patiala gharana.

20728126_1640453542654598_543928148709239151_nI remember when she was building this house, she insisted on designing each feature of this artistic house. She continues to do so. Every time I visit there is something new and refreshing to notice. I love to see homemakers  giving a fresh new look to their homes,. from time to time.




It is a pleasure to see how much interest and effort is made to decorate one’s home. It feels good to be surrounded with beauty.

Stay blessed my dear Reader, enjoy the comfort and beauty of your own home. Be as stylish as you like, but most of all let it be the environment that enriches and enchants you to forget the problems of the world (while getting hit by the problems of maintaining such a lovely home! )



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  1. Such an aesthetically kept home by a beautiful lady MashaAllah… loved the simple review… her style’s very invigorating ?

  2. Thank you so much. I’m glad you liked it. ?

  3. riffatnaim says:

    So precise and sweet.

  4. Thank you Riffat, my dear friend.

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