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New Year Resolutions & detailed planning!

We have seen that new year resolutions don’t work. So, I was thinking I won’t do any. Then I realized that, not making them won’t work either! So, let us say that I’m realigning myself, to my goals. It is important to see how I can make this into a more productive year.  As you know, my last year was spent in completing my cancer treatments till August.

So, in the process I’ve written a book on cancer. I mean I have compiled all my blog posts written on the subject, and realized it literally takes you step-by-step through the whole process.  I’ve seen that these posts have had a positive impact on those who have had a direct or indirect brush with cancer. So, publishing this book will be one of my goals this year. Let us say, that this was a side-benefit of last fifteen months in my life.

 What about you? Has there been any side benefits of last year in your life too? It is important to work it into our plans here too.

Let’s see how we can turn our goals and projects into reality in our lives this year.

Take an hour or so with this exercise of mine, it is important. Here, I’ll be sharing somethings in my life with you, (only as an example.) You can go along, and make similar charts for yourself and do your own planning.

Ten-year plan

Bill Gates says, that none of us realizes the power of the ten-year plan. It is the most powerful thing we have.

Just look at your own last ten years. Notice the landmark changes it brought into your life and realize how important it is. I know you will say how do we know how much we will live? Well, you should plan as if you will live to be a hundred, (at least!) Prepare, as if you and I are going tomorrow. (How’s that for a philosophy?)

Frankly, as I look back at my last ten years, it is amazing how much has been achieved!!! It is humungous. But the seeds had been sowed at that time, to what I’m achieving today. Is a direct result of all I went through ten years ago. So, planning is essential. Naturally, hard work is the key, but it has to be in the right direction, and focused.

My ten-year plan:

  1. I’d love to register my studio and have a proper place for it. As an art gallery, with shop and place for lectures etc.
  2. ——– (I’m not sharing this one!
  3. Invest, invest and invest.
  4. Make food drives international, so if disaster falls anywhere, our food drive can take place there.
  5. Bridal projects go international too. (In parts of the world where it is needed, e.g. India, Afghanistan, Bangladesh etc.)
  6. To continue writing books, and blog posts.
  7. Paint some more, hold exhibitions.
  8. YouTube channel interviews, podcasts and documentaries.

Five-year plan

  1. Have a Shireen’s Studio charity and art place in most cities of Pakistan.
  2. Make food drive in most cities of Pakistan.
  3. Have bridal projects work in different cities of Pakistan.
  4. Painting studio and teach art.
  5. Continue writing books and blog posts.
  6. Get full control of all assets.
  7. Expansion and investments.

Annual goals of 2023

Let’s do this simple exercise together of writing down goals for this year. I have written about it more in detail here.

Mine are:

Hey, this should be a very private venture. It is personal. Yet, we have to do this exercise to make sure our actions and goals are fully aligned. It is vital for us to know where we are going.

  1. Publish Message from the East by Allama Iqbal in English translation by Hadi Hussain. (I’m telling you, it’s the book of books!) This project is close to my heart. I want to share Iqbal’s work with youth of the world.
    1. Complete last illustration.
    1. Do final editing.
    1. I’ve made first and second instalment of payment to printers, so give it in for printing asap.
  2. Finalize, and publish My cancer story.
  3. Upload Urdu talks about cancer to my YouTube Channel.
  4. Also, put up other talks to my channel of public interest e.g.
    1.  Day Care or no Day Care for my child?
    1. Setting boundaries.
    1. What to eat to avoid cancer, and other topics related to cancer. 
  5. Continue more interviews on my YouTube Channel with interesting personalities.
  6. Paint regularly.
  7. Hold writers’ meet ups often.
  8. Automate the bridal project with help of friend Irum and my team.
  9. Continue food drive, as it is in great demand due to current inflation.
  10. Plan trip abroad.
  11. Hold book launches, and painting exhibition.
  12. Continue mentoring/counselling sessions.
  13. Work on vegetable gardening.
  14. Start cooking and re-own your kitchen.
  15. Roof garden.
  16. Revive Shireen’s Studio. (Once a month activities.)

Time and place:

Now, take each goal and fit it into your weekly work plan. Our problem is that our life goals make no difference in our weekly plans, THEN HOW WILL THESE GET DONE? Naturally, we don’t achieve our life goals when we don’t put them into our weekly plans!

So, this year it will be put right in middle of each week.

My spiritual mentor Mahjabeen says, ‘you have to mark down a time and place to do something in your life. If you make a time, but don’t mark a place, or make a place for it, but don’t have a time slot for it, then it won’t get done. So, both of these are vital for success of a project.’

 I’ve made a place to paint in one corner of my lounge now, and will get to work immediately, after completing this blog post. Also, my friends and I’ll go to Hajra Mansoor’s studio every Saturday to paint.

What about you?

Monthly goals:

I’ve written about these monthly goals here too, I’m keeping it rather brief here.

Now, take the list of annual goals and divide it into the months here:

Sr. no.Goals of 2023DetailsProgress/Remarks
1.JanuaryComplete and put into print PM2 Compiled My cancer story. Food drive (daily) Bridal project (6-9 last week of month.) YouTube interviews 2 -3 per month. 
2.FebruaryComplete/ edit My cancer story. Food drive (daily) Bridal project (6-9 last week of month.) YouTube interviews 2 -3 per month. 
3.MarchPrint My cancer story. Food drive (daily) Bridal project (6-9 last week of month.) YouTube interviews 2 -3 per month. Spring cleaning of house. 
4.AprilFood drive (daily) Bridal project (6-9 last week of month.) YouTube interviews 2 -3 per month. 
5.May Food drive (daily) Bridal project (6-9 last week of month.) YouTube interviews 2 -3 per month. 
6.JuneWork on TM book Food drive (daily) Bridal project (6-9 last week of month.) YouTube interviews 2 -3 per month. 
7.JulyIncome tax & property tax work completion. Food drive (daily) Bridal project (6-9 last week of month.) YouTube interviews 2 -3 per month   
8.AugustStart work on Gems of Pakistan. Food drive (daily) Bridal project (6-9 last week of month.) YouTube interviews 2 -3 per month. 
9.SeptemberExhibition Food drive (daily) Bridal project (6-9 last week of month.) YouTube interviews 2 -3 per month 
10.OctoberBook launch My Cancer Story. Food drive (daily) Bridal project (6-9 last week of month.) YouTube interviews 2 -3 per month. Winter setting of house. 
11.NovemberBook Launch PM2 Food drive (daily) Bridal project (6-9 last week of month.) YouTube interviews 2 -3 per month. 
12.DecemberSolo painting exhibition. (First week of December.) Food drive (daily) Bridal project (6-9 last week of month.) YouTube interviews 2 -3 per month.   

Weekly goals:

When you have made your ten-year-plan, five year, annual and monthly plan, then a weekly plan becomes easier. Remember this is the most powerful unit, and needs to be followed diligently, and with grit. As you know, I’ve written about it in more detail Powerful weekly plan here

There will be times when you won’t feel like doing somethings which are important. You’ve got to take yourself through the processes. Make your home, as comfortable and weather proof as possible, so you can work properly throughout the year. I’ve made an office in my home, have you done it too?

Most of us women plan the whole house out for our family, but give no place to ourselves! It is time to change that.

Last week:This week:

Roles and goals:


PhysicalWalks, diet, sleep, exercises, yoga.
IntellectualComplete reading Grit.
Social/EmotionalMeet Naila/Farkhanda, G-9 sisters, or have video calls.
SpiritualFive times prayers, zikr: ya raufo, ya lateefo, ya hafeezo, charity, zakat,
FinancialNo extra unplanned spending. Save 10k to 15 k every month. (Like a committee.)


DaughterTake mum for lunch to Marriot. Keep her stocked on hunter’s beef, get prawn tempura.
NatPlan birthday
NadDecide visit
WalHave a dinner out.
SILHave chat with each.  A one-on-one session too.


Food drivePay weekly to Ghulam Hussain. Get cardboard boxes to serve food in. Or ask them to bring own dish.
Bridal projectMake announcement and get three more dinner and kitchen sets. Get more clothes.
 Help Irum get comfortable with it. Go step by step with her.


1.YouTubeInterview of W and AH this week, (also ask Babar for 28th.)Time/dayRemarks.
2.YouTubeUpload talks. Put pics up first for it.  
3.WriteShorter blog posts if possible! Topics?  
4. Check out books of TM and Gems.  
5.PaintingComplete last painting, take pics for book.  
6. Paint lots of paintings.  
7. Complete previous work. Blue large, relief one too.  
8.CA bookMake a dummy    

Home manager:

Scrub sofas. 
Window cleaning. 
Chicks cleaning. 
Kitchen cleaning. 

Well, I’ve shared mine with you, just to show you how it works for me. By now I’m sure you’ve thought out your own too.

Methodical approach to life.

Making sure one is more punctual, I want to make a time table or use one diary to plan out my week now.

It is vital to be more organized and methodical, only then the output will be better. Our whole planning goes for a six when we are interrupting our thoughts due to social media. I and we must put the social media into a time slot, and stay away from it, for the rest of the day.

Let’s hope we have another amazing year this time. Surrender to Him who knows all.

Remember that Allah only helps those who are ready to make changes within themselves.

I wish for you peace, bliss and tranquility. ?

Here I am in Okara, carrying on my father’s legacy.

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  1. What an idea ????
    I wish I could accomplish a bit out of it
    In izza’s interview you asked her what’s the key to success
    Well I guess it’s hidden in consistency

    Thank you for sharing your personal example with us to give us spark ????

    1. Shireen Gheba Najib says:

      Love your comments, as always,
      Stay blessed my friend.


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