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First blog post of 2023

Naila’s son Shehyar’s waleema was on 30th December 2023, it was a beautiful and grand wedding at Marriot hotel. (While there were many threats to Marriot, yet everyone came to the event.) Here you see myself standing next to Naila, Nudrat, Farkhanda and Azra, all my classfellows since 1072.

Honestly, I just feel so grateful for this new year 2023. Last year at this time I was getting my radiations. Fifteen of them. Now I’m free of cancer (though at that time too, I was cancer-free, but they were continuing with the treatments,) and now I am enjoying a normal life mostly.

Side effects of chemo

The side effects of chemo do bug you. In my case, neuropathy, tinnitus and muscular spasms. But I just love the fact that my weight is so much lessor, and those who meet me after some time, comment on how much better I’m looking now. (Courtesy the beautiful wig I wear, gifted by Saira. May Allah give her a long life. Ameen.)

Low resistance

 I’ve become an easy prey to any passing bug, due to my low resistance. (I had become careless about wearing masks in crowded places.) So, I’m down with a terrible cough and back sprain right now, (not a good combination.) But otherwise, I’m feeling like my normal self after ages. It is so wonderful to be ‘normal’.

Highlights of 2022

If you’ve been following me, you know, my 2022 was an amazing one; Went to Skardu for the first time in my life, you can read about it here and here. Then to Turkey with my lovely daughters, here. Two trips to Okara to check on the farm, one in March, and second one in December, written here. It has been great. My 18 dual targeted therapies ended on 24th of August. Then the three-monthly check up. All good. ? Allah has been so kind. In the process I’ve written quite a few posts on my cancer journey, which have been very useful for other cancer patients.

What about 2023?

Well, a lot of things in my life had to be put on hold last year, so I plan to catch now. Actually, one must never mention what one is going to do, with the world. Only those parts can be shared which have been accomplished. So, this part I’m going to write in my personal diary and will share with you when it is done. Deal? Yes, there is a lot in the making.

Sometimes I feel that one lifetime isn’t enough to fulfil so many dreams.

I need to re-align myself

The book I’m reading a book, Grit which I’m really loving. In that it specially mentions that energy and time are limited, so we have to do things in a more focused and concise manner.

First of all, I’ve got to get out of certain bad habits, which are keeping me from achieving my goals in life.


When you are simultaneously doing three or four things, one or two of them is bound to suffer. So, I’ll try not to do it. Previously, I was quite proud of this aspect. For instance, reading four books at a time, in the end, not completing any of them! Now, I must just stick to one book and not leave it till its completed. Then read the next book. How’s that? Same goes for other tasks. Like, I’m watching television and writing a post here. Off with the tv!

Focus on one task.

For instance, right now I’ve got to get the book Message from the East printed. Just have to complete the three or four last illustrations for it. Then make a few more editing corrections, and its ready to go into print. I’ve already made the first and second payment to the printer, Mr. Muhammad Qasim.

Minimize stuff.

Got to reduce the number of things that I have in every category, clothing, shoes, books, crockery, and keep only that stuff that I use on a daily or occasional basis. Daddy always said, ‘give away anything that you haven’t used for a year.’ Though I do give away a lot, but its not enough.

Let go

Even when I’ve decided to let go of something, I’m still clinging to it. (Is it the same with you?) I’ve got to stop this stupid habit. Just let go and move on. Peace.

Mindful living

I suppose that is what it is. A mindful living, being conscious of all that one is doing. Even being mindful of all that one isn’t going to be doing.

Sounds good, don’t you think? What about you?

Last days of 2022

It is really nice to wrap up the year neatly. Haroon and Uzma invited us all a tasty brunch at Islamabad club’s cricket ground. Their niece and two daughters had joined coming from Oregan, along with Riffat. Their son Daniyal Haroon gifted us beautiful calendars, which was the perfect gift.

Next I was invited by Nigar Nazar to a funny party to Islamabad club. It was a fun-filled rollicking event full of laughter and sharing of funny poetry and anecdotes.

So, this is how I spent my last day of the year. Naturally, by midnight I was too tired to go to my rooftop to watch the fireworks, which usually are done every new year.

Alhamdulillah for a beautiful year. ?

 Starting the year with a bang!

A selfie with Mansoor Rahi the birthday boy.

My art mentor Mansoor Rahi’s birthday is on first of January, and the entire art group of Generation Rahi, along with friends of Rahis, are invited to this huge party hosted by this sweet couple. Till the last couple of years, each of us who have been consistent with his art classes, received a small painting by Mansoor Rahi. These are treasures that most of us possess, which are proudly displayed in our homes.

Cake from all of us

This year the birthday was at Islamabad’s Adventure Foundation, where the party was a huge success. The delicious food of nihari, curry, chicken pulau and tasty mithai along with the case from all of us made a tasty meal. Uxi Mufti and his fourth wife Seher, and many others attended the event along with all the students.

Somehow, it sets the tone for a new year with a bang, and we all love it.

Happy New year everyone! May this year be as amazing as possible for you all – as much as you can make it, and as much as you can dream it.


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