Prayers and verses from Holy Quran.

Here is a sure shot way to face the trials of life successfully! At least this is how I faced them.  I’m sharing with you some of my special selections which gave me peace and courage during the worst times of my life.


These are verses from the Quran which have touched me deeply. I keep adding to these, as I read. The words have given me strength in the most difficult circumstances.

Note: The English translations are by Muhammad Farooq-e-Azam Malik (1997)  almost entirely. Kindly, forgive me if there are any unintended mistakes here. Just let me know, I’ll correct them.

Once I have read these words, I feel ready to face my day – with my Allah’s blessings.

You can see that these  are selections, and not an alternative to reading the Quran. Maintaining a daily habit of regularly moving from the beginning towards the end of  Quran, is the ideal. Whatever you do,  believe me,  you are sure to find some verses tailor-made for your particular problem. In almost all cases, patience is the key.


 Financial problems: Most problems are finance based. It is lack of funds which leads to most crimes and relationship complications.

Paradoxically, when you are low in funds,  that is the time when you can empathize with poor people. So, give charity during these times, ( 2.5 – 10% is best.)  If you don’t have cash, then give away things that you have which you don’t use.

As I read these verses, I find myself getting calmer and more at peace:


“Verily my Lord enlarges and restricts the Sustenance to such of his servants as He pleases: and nothing do you spend in the least (in His cause) but He replaces it: for He is the Best of those who grant Sustenance. – Surah Saba 34, verse 39.

O Prophet tell them: “Surely, my Rabb gives abundantly to whom He pleases and sparingly to whom He wills. Whatever you spend in charity, He will pay you back. He is the best of those who provide sustenance. Surah 34: Saba, verse 39. 

If you lend to Allah a goodly loan, He will pay you back manifold and will forgive you your sins. – Surah Al Taghabun 64, verse 17

Those who are still weak in Iman (faith), when they see some bargain or some sport, they rush to it and leave you standing. O Prophet declare to them that what Allah has in store for them is far better than any sport and bargain, and Allah is the best provider. – Surah Jumu’ah: 62, verse 9-11.

 It is when we are facing  hardships that we get entangled in wrong things. Invariably, we get involved with people who justify illegal acts. Here is how to cope:

Repel evil with good, We are fully aware of what they utter, (96) and say, “O my Rabb I seek refuge in You from the prompting of the shaitans,(97) and O my Rabb! I seek refuge in You even from their coming near me. (98) – Surah Mu’minun 23:  verses 96 – 98.  





Do you not see how Allah gave the example of comparing a good word with a good tree, whose roots are firm and its branches are in the sky? (24) It yields its fruits in every season by Allah’s leave, Allah cites these examples for men so that they may learn a lesson from them. (25)- Surah Ibraheem, 14, Ayat 24, 25.


But the example of an evil word is that of an evil tree which is torn out from the earth and has no stability. With firm words, Allah makes the believers steadfast in the life of this world and in the hereafter; but Allah lets the wrongdoers go astray. Allah does what He pleases. (27)– Surah Ibraheem, 14, verses 26,27.

31960850_1941628819203734_8537503624115257344_n (1)

He that fears Allah may, be provided a way out by Him, (2) and given sustenance from the sources he could never imagine: for Allah is all sufficient for the person who puts his trust in Him. Surely, Allah brings about what He pleases, and Allah has set a measure for all things. – Surah At-Talaq: 65, verses  2,3.

No affliction can ever befall except by the leave of Allah. He that believes in Allah, his heart is guided to the Right Way. Allah has the knowledge of everything. – Surah Al Taghabun 64, Ayat 11.

O’ believers! Surely, among your mates and your children there are some who are your enemies: so beware of them. But if you pardon, overlook and forgive their faults, then Allah is Forgiving, Merciful. Your wealth and your children are but a trial. – Surah Al Taghabun 64, Ayat 14,15

When you are fighting a battle of any sort, reading the complete Surah Fath really helps. However, when you have little time, these verses alone are very powerful:

While the unbelievers set up in their hearts the arrogance – the arrogance of the time of ignorance – Allah sent down His tranquility upon His Rasool and the believers, and made the believers to adhere to the word of piety; for they were most worthy and deserving of it. Allah has full knowledge of everything. – Surah Fath 48, verse 26.

Muhammad the Rasool of Allah, and those with him are strong against the unbelievers and kind to each other among themselves. When you see them, you will find them making Rakuh (bowing down) and Sajud  (prostrate in prayers), and craving for the blessings from Allah and His good pleasure. They have the marks of Sajud (prostration) on their foreheads, the traces of their prostration. This is their similitude in the Taurat (Torah); and their similitude in the Injeel (Gospel): they are like the seed which puts forth its sprout, then strengthens it, then becomes thick and stands firmly on its stem, delighting the sowers of the seed, so that through them He may enrage the unbelievers. Yet, to those of them who will believe and do good deeds, Allah has promised forgiveness and a great reward. (29) – Surah Fath 48, verse 28, 29.


Most of us fall victim to sharing information – specially on social media – which we haven’t verified personally, thus hurting persons. This is so, even if they are political or media personalities. We need to be very careful.

O believers, if an evildoer comes to you with some news, verify it (investigate to ascertain the truth), lest you should harm others unwittingly and then regret what you have done. – Surah 49 Al-Hajuraat, verse 6.


Do not do Back biting or ‘gheebat’:

 O believers! Let no men laugh at other men who may perhaps be better than themselves; and let no woman laugh at another woman, who may perhaps be better than herself. Do not defame through sarcastic remarks about one another, nor call one another by offensive nicknames. It is an evil thing to be called by bad name after being a believer, and those who do not repent are the ones who are the wrongdoers. (11) O believers! Avoid immoderate suspicion, for, in some cases, suspicion is a sin. Do not spy on one another, nor backbite one another. Would any of you like to eat the flesh of his dead brother? Surely, you would abhor it. Fear Allah; for Allah is the Acceptor of repentance, Merciful. (12) – Surah 49 Al-Hajuraat, verse 11,12.


Invariably, when we are on bad terms with others, people make sure to tell us all that your ‘enemies’ are saying against you. It really hurts, and you feel like retaliating. Avoid that. Just read this:

We know that your heart is distressed by what they say against you. (97) The cure of your hearts’ distress is that you should celebrate the praises of your Rabb and be of those who prostrate themselves before Him, (98). And worship your Rabb until there comes to you which is certain (death). (99) – Al Hijr, 15, verse 97, 98, 99.

Let not their words grieve you (O Muhammad) Surely, We have knowledge of all that they conceal and all that they reveal. (76) – Surah Ya-Sin 36, verse 76.

Being patient doesn’t mean that you do nothing. It means to be patient and go ahead and do all that you can do to change yourself and your situation, this verse is so powerful:

That is because Allah has never changed the blessings which He has bestowed on a people until they themselves changed the condition of their souls; verily Allah hears all and knows all. (53)- Surah Anfal 8, verse 53.


 The one who is carrying the burden of iniquity will be doomed. (111) But the one who is the believer and does good deeds shall fear no tyranny or injustice. – Tahaa 20, verse 112.

This one is so important, it is vital to stop arguments; sometimes it is best to keep quiet when you can see the conversation is going nowhere. As they say, ‘if you are quiet, you can’t be misquoted!’ 

Obey Allah and His Rasool and do not argue with one another, lest you lose courage and weaken your strength. Show patience, surely, Allah is on the side of the patient. -Surah Anfal 8, verse 46


These verses above give me so much courage. Just repeating these for a few minutes helps a lot. The verse below is something that I’ve experienced. Reading these words, often bring tears to my eyes:  

Call to mind how He gave you shelter when you were few in number and were oppressed in the land, ever fearing lest the enemy would kidnap you. He made you strong with His help and provided you a safe asylum and gave you pure things for sustenance so that you may give thanks. – Surah Anfal 8, verse 26.

The story of brothers going for siblings’ property is an old one:

This man is my brother; he has ninety nine ewes while I have only one ewe. Yet, he says: ‘Turn her over to me’’ and he has the means to prevail against me in what he says.” (23) Daud said: “He has certainly wronged you seeking to add your ewe to his flock: in fact, many partners are unjust to one another; except those who believe and do good deeds, and they are few indeed. Daud realized that We had tested him. So he sought forgiveness of his Rabb and fell down on his knees and turned to Allah in repentance. (24) – Al Saad 38, verses 23,24.


Here is the sum total of how to lead our lives, and go about our business.

Furthermore not to go near the property of an orphan except to improve it, until he attains maturity. Give full measure and just weight. We never charge a soul with more than it can bear. Whenever you speak, be just, even if it affects your own relatives, and fulfill your covenant with Allah. These are the things which He has enjoined on you so that you may be mindful.(152). Verily this is My way, the Right Way; therefore follow it and do not follow other ways, for they will lead you away from His way. This is what He enjoined on you so that you may guard yourselves against evil. (153).- Al Anaam 6, verse 151, 152,153.

He grants wisdom to whom He pleases; and whoever is granted wisdom is indeed given a great wealth, yet none except people of understanding learn lessons from it. – Surah Baqarah 2, verse 269.

Righteousness is not whether you turn your face towards East or West;  but righteousness is to believe in Allah, the Last Day, the Angels, the Books and the Prophets, to spend wealth out of love for Him on relatives, orphans, helpless, needy travellers, those who ask for and on the redemption of captives; to establish Salah (prayers), to pay Zakat (charity), to fulfill promises when made, to be steadfast in distress, in adversity and at the time of war. These people are the truthful and these are the pious. – Surah Baqarah 2, verse 177.

Below is one of the all-time favorite prayer from the Holy Book –  the last verse of Surah Baqarah:

Allah does not burden any human being with more than he can bear. Everyone will enjoy the credit of his deeds and suffer the debits of his wrongdoings. The believers say: “Our Rabb! Do not punish us if we forget or make a mistake. Our Rabb! Do not place on us a burden as You placed on those before us. Our Rabb! Lay not on us the kind of burden that we have no strength to bear. Pardon us, forgive us, have mercy on us. You are our Protector, help us against the unbelievers. – Surah Baqarah 2, verse 286.


When you are going through hardships caused by others, you want to avenge yourself. If they have been unjust to you, you want to be unjust too! Here is the verse that cautions us: 

O believers! Be steadfast for the sake of Allah and bear true witness and let not the enmity of a people incite you to do injustice; do justice; that is nearer to piety. Fear Allah, surely, Allah is fully aware of all your actions. (8)- Surah Maidah 5, verse 8.

O believers! Also remember Allah’s favor which He recently bestowed upon you when He restrained the hands of those who sought to harm you. Have fear of Allah; and in Allah let the believers put their trust. – Surah Maidah 5, verse 11.


There are situations when you are wary of people indulging in black magic and its different variations. These verses that can protect you, along with the four Quls at the end.

We said: “Do not be afraid! You will surely come out on top.(68) Throw that which is in your right hand. It will swallow up all that they have produced. What they have produced is nothing by a magician’s trick, and a magician can never succeed against a miracle no matter how skillful he may be. ” (69) so the magicians humbled themselves by prostrating and said: “We believe in the Rabb of Haroon and Musa.”(70) – Surah 20, verse 68, 69,70.


There are situations where spouses cannot get on together, no matter how hard they try. In such cases, reading this is beneficial to both:

If the spouses do separate, Allah will make each one independent of the other out of His own limitless resources, Allah is Ample giving, Wise. – Surah An-Nisa: 4, verse 130.




Ayat- ul- Kursi:

It is a good idea to memorize it, and read it as often as possible.

Allah! There is no god but Him: the Living, the Eternal. He neither slumbers nor sleeps. To Him belongs all that is in the Heavens and the Earth. Who can intercede with Him without His permission? He knows what is before them and what is behind them. They cannot gain access to anything out of His knowledge except what He pleases. His throne is more vast than the heavens and the earth, and guarding of these both does not fatigue Him. He is the Exalted, the Supreme. (255) – Surah Baqarah 2, verse 255.


Who, when the people told them: “Your enemies have mustered a great force against you: fear them,” grew more firm in their faith, and replied: “Allah’s help is all-sufficient for us. He is the best protector.” (173)  – Surah Al-e-Imran 3, verse 173.

We blessed Zun-Noon, (Yunus/Jonah) , when he departed in anger, thinking We would not take him to task for this, but later he prayed to Us from the depths of darkness, “There is no god but You glory be to You! Indeed I was the one who committed wrong.” (87) We accepted his prayer and delivered him from distress; thus do We deliver the believers. (88). – Surah Al-Anbia 21, verses 87,88.


Call to mind how He gave you shelter when you were a few in number and were oppressed in the land ever fearing lest the enemy would kidnap you. He made you strong with His help and provided you a safe asylum and gave you pure things for sustenance so that you may give thanks.(26) O believers! Do not betray the trust of Allah and His Rasool, nor violate your trusts knowingly. (27) – Surah Anfal 8, verse 26.


 Please recite as often as possible.

O mankind! There has come to you an instruction from your Lord, a cure for whatever (disease) is in your hearts, a guidance and a blessing for the true believers.(57) – Surah Yunus 10, verse 57.



And of His signs, another one is that He created for you mates from among yourselves that you may find comfort with them, and He planted love and kindness in your hearts; surely, there are signs in this for those who think about it. (21). -Surah Rum, verse 21.

And those who pray, “Our Lord! Grant unto us mates and offspring who will be the comfort of our eyes, and give us (the grace) to lead the righteous.”- Surah Furqan 25, verse 73.


In my experience I’ve observed how much exploitation is done through interest-based investments and loans. Therefore, it is best to avoid it. You can do so by having just current accounts in banks wherever you are.

That usury which you give to increase the wealth of people, does not increase with Allah: but the Zakah (obligatory charity) that you give to seek the pleasure of Allah, shall be repaid to you many times over.(39). – Surah Ar-Rum 30, verse 39.


So O’ Prophet, have patience: surely, the promise of Allah is true; and do not let those, who themselves have no certainty of faith, shake your firmness. (60 ) – Surah Ar-Rum 30: verse 60.

On the contrary, Allah will deliver the righteous to their place of salvation. No harm shall touch them, nor shall they ever grieve. (61)– Surah Az-Zumar 39: verse 60

Allah says: “O My servants who have transgressed against their souls, do not despair of Allah’s mercy, for Allah forgives all sins. It is He who is the Forgiving, the Merciful. (53) Turn in repentance to your Lord, and submit to Him before there comes to you the scourge: for then, there shall be none to help you. (54) – Surah Az-Zumar 39: verse 53, 54.


I have taken refuge with my Lord and your Lord against your injuring me. – Surah Ad-Dukhan, verse 20.

O believers! Surely among your mates (husband/wife) and your children are some who are your enemies: so beware of them. But if you pardon, overlook and forgive their faults, then Allah is Forgiving, Merciful. (14) – Surah At- Taghabun 64, verse 14.

Note: Read the four Quls after this.

Stay blessed my Readers, Ramzan is a time when we do give time to this Holy Book. However, making this book part of your daily routine throughout the year, should be our goal in life. Now, it is so easy with your smart phones. I’ve put these verses in my blog, so you can read them as you are going about your work anyways.

hqdefault (1).jpg

Note: Most of the photographs are taken by author. A few have been taken online, particularly the first picture of girl reading Quran, and the verses in pictures. 













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  1. Many a times I felt low esteemed low on monetary affairs and some other personal issues, indeed, I seek refuge in Allah’s words
    The two verses I used to recite a lot were hasb u nal Allah ha wa naemul waqeel.
    In nal la ha maa as sabreen.
    I can totally relate to your blog as always.

    1. Thank you so much Kiran for your comment. I love your suggestion number two since I’ve not put it here…. I’ll try to insert it too. Really love your input. Means a lot. Stay blessed, lovely one.

    2. Kiran, I’ve just added what has worked for you, (yes, it has worked for me too!) It is truly awesome. It is so hard to not add so much more when one is working on the Quran. So, it has been very tough. I have to remember, my reader (and I) don’t have so much time, all the time!

      1. Shireen I really appreciate the way you are leading your life. Everyone faces turmoils and difficulties in their lives , but we need to stay focus and positive and key number one to have faith on Allah.
        You are an inspiring lady to so many of us. I will ask Zareen to visit you sometime. She needs a bit of boost and positivity from you.
        May Allah always keep you چہچہاتا (I couldn’t find more appropriate word in English).

      2. ?Thank you so much for boosting me up so much. Love and hugs.

  2. Thank you so much for this post. It will now be easy for me to access all your duas. Finally there is a softcopy of these much needed ayats. Your collection is really good. I’m so glad you shared them here. Also happy that you got your .com back. God bless that chap!

    1. Shireen Gheba Najib says:

      Nadiya, thank you so much for your comment. I’m glad you also find these verses useful. Most of the topics needed in life, are found in these verses. Believe me, there was plenty more, but I thought the blog had got long enough! Yes, I’m so happy for the .com address to be back again. He was one of the visitors at the last session with Abbas Husain. I’m considering having him as permanent member of our team. Stay blessed my lovely one.

  3. What an remarkable masterpiece! Well written and compelling. I also suggest to read http://bit.ly/2LnIAgI . PS: I like this site. Thank you so much

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