Trip to Sunday Bazaar
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Trip to Sunday Bazaar

We need to encourage the efforts of the small businessman and benefit from the competitive pricing.

I wanted some ‘family time’ with my Nadiya and Waliya. Also, I wanted to do something different with them. “Let’s go to Sunday Bazaar.” I murmured…  We hadn’t been there for ages, due to the road construction nearby.  Surprisingly, their response was great. So, all were finally ready and moving after lunch. The road was pretty bad, and quite confusing. Finally, we got there. It seemed the whole city was there for their shopping as usual.

We engaged a person with a trolley; I like them as they know the location of everything that you need. As usual, we split – the girls went off to shops of their own interest, while I went to get the veggies, groceries, and fruits. After that was done, I found shops for crockery, which I also love. I couldn’t resist the glasses which I needed badly. When I calculated the total bill, the shop owner kept insisting it was actually lesser. Finally, I agreed. So, now I felt bound to get some more stuff. I sat down on a stool and observed the shop. There was that Turkish glass cake dish with glass cover,  that I wanted badly. So, I got that with its excellent packing.

We had decided to meet in front of gate No. four. But all of us were too engrossed, and didn’t want to leave. I managed to get delicious cashew nuts which were salted, fresh and delicious. Most of the veggies were same price as the shops near my house. However, the quality and variety was awesome.

Finally, while I had completed all the shopping,  I asked the elderly helper to go and see if my girls were near the gate. As it happened, the name of Waliya slipped out…. A smart little beggar girl, saw the situation, went over to the other side, found her and asked her “are you Waliya?” of course she was surprised and amused. J

Nadiya and Waliya both reached me thrilled with their shopping. We all were. Finally, we even bought more flowers from the nursery near which we had parked our car. We stuffed all the stuff in, and drove off, with hardly any space for ourselves in the car!

On reaching home and sorting everything out, Nadiya discovered that her most coveted shopping had been left behind. They realized that it must have been left near one shop where they had left the camera stand outside a shop. It was dark by now. Anyhow, she went to park the car and called Waliya too. Then they went off. I thought they must have gone for a ‘sisters only’ outing. It turned out, they had driven back to the Sunday Bazar. Found the shop out of the hundreds of shops, and the package still lying outside. There was plenty of lighting there and quite a few shoppers too. They also realized that the shopkeepers were in a mood to get rid of their stuff and were selling most things at half the prices.

So, they indulged a bit more. Naturally, they returned full of stuff and stories to entertain us by! Next day, when Nadiya entertained  her colleagues at the office with her stories, the colleagues went to Sunday bazar on Tuesday after office!

Yes, the place can be addictive.  Do you also enjoy your trips to the Sunday Bazaar? Somehow, I find such shopping a very enriching experience. By looking at different food items, I come up with all sorts of recipes  and things to cook and prepare at home.

Stay blessed my dear reader.






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