Fighting Corona Virus War.

Finding ways to feel better while going through one of the greatest challenges of our times.

Hi Everyone!

We are living through a nightmare. Can it be called the World War III? A war, having the entire world on one side, the Corona Virus (enemy) on the other side. The death toll is rising daily.

Today, I’m writing about what we are going through now. Everything is changing so fast that when I started writing this post the statistics were different. Every time, I edited it, the numbers changed. I better upload it before more changes occur.

This was a few days back.

Sadly most changes are for the worse.

The ray of hope is that Wuhan, the Chinese town is on recovery mode, after three or four months. Italy’s death rate has slowed, while America’s is on the rise. Pakistan’s is rising day by day.

Surprisingly, India and Pakistan aren’t so bad so far. Let’s hope and pray it ends soon.

My original thoughts about corona virus:

To tell you the truth, when I first heard about this virus in December, I felt that it was a weird way to downplay business by the Chinese people, as their products were literally taking over the world. Deep down I was convinced it was some kind of a ‘saazish’ or under cover game against them. So, frankly, I ignored it in the earlier months of December and January 2020.

Many agree with this theory and have proofs of it.

Whatever. We all are in it now, USA being the worst hit so far.

Different ways of protection from Corona Virus shared here.

Scary facts:

Seeing the way it brought the entire world to a standstill, it was terrifying to think about what will happen if it hits Pakistan in the same way. After all, the places with best equipment and qualified staff couldn’t handle it, how will we manage with our meagre resources and huge population?


Surprisingly, we have managed well, so far, (or so it seems.) As I write, there have been around twenty five deaths in Pakistan, having over 2500 patients caught in it. But we both don’t believe that do we? Look at the way, it has hit the developed countries! Especially USA, where already the number of patients has gone above that of China, to 100,000 and deaths are pretty scary too, (over 5000 today). Though, USA has managed to keep the deaths lessor than China, so far.


Having soup and healthy diet to increase immunity.

By now we all have become experts on how to combat Corona virus. I’m happy to say the whole world is together in this war against Corona virus. For the first time in the history of this earth, there is a war where all humanity is on one side! That is because the ‘enemy’ is against all humanity!

Yes, we are in the middle of a bio-war.

Green tea taken three times a day is considered a good protection.


Each one of us, came up with their own theories. The China, Italy and Spain experience has forewarned us well. So, by now we know its’ pattern.

We hope!

My take on this scenario:  

  • Firstly, I’m thrilled, all countries cooperated and acted on this closing down of all offices and self-distancing and self-isolation. Which is showing results.
  • Right down to home levels people have self-quarantined themselves.
  • Schools and offices have closed.
  • Haj won’t take place, nor Wimbledon, no weddings. (Thank God, I had that ceremony of my daughter last month!)
  • Instead of being upset try to see how it is saving lives.

 How the Food Drive began:

I’ve taken up the Food Drive. It happened by chance; on March 23rd,  when I went out for a drive in the rain, around 5.30 pm. Yes, yes, I know I shouldn’t have gone. But as a blogger, I need to make my own observations. So, I found the roads were definitely very empty-ish.

Daily-wage workers the Hardest hit:

On the double road, I saw jobless men holding spades, sitting under trees.

‘what kind of job are they expecting at this time, especially with almost a complete lock down?’

I thought, ‘why are they sitting here, getting wet in the rain?’ On impulse, I decided to use whatever cash I had in my wallet, to get food for them. On the way to the market, I realized there was some donation from Kazim who is my Insta follower.

Bismillah hotel:

So, I asked Basit, the guy at the Bismillah hotel, to prepare twenty meals for me. Just pack them separately. On his enquiring look, I told him why.  He packed twenty-five meals for me, five from his side. (Later, you’ll see how this deed of his was rewarded…!)

As I was driving out of the market, Waliya called me, ‘Mama, if you are near, pick me up.’ (She knew I had gone out for a drive.) So, I picked her up, and told her what I’m up to.

One by one the food packets were handed to each of the jobless persons sitting in the rain.

It felt great. ?

(I didn’t realize it then, that this would become the beginning of my Food Drive, joined by my followers too! That we would now continue it daily.)

Food drive continues:

Other people in our area have also joined in with their food drive.

So, every day from that day onwards, I’d get the food made, even though hotels have ‘closed’. Yes, we did some clandestine work! Mum and Nataliya joined me too, and I received more donations.  One day Waliya made a video. You can find it in my Instagram IGTV. I shared it on my Instagram to show how we did it, so others could follow it, keeping their own safety and security in mind.

Meanwhile, our Prime Minister Imran Khan announced his Tigers were on it, and so was Hum channel and many others. As usual everyone joined the bandwagon in helping the poor. I’m proud to say that Pakistan is one of the largest charity giving countries of the world, after USA.

So my dream is that everyone does whatever they can to help the poor and jobless persons in their communities. It would help improve their resistance towards this deadly virus.

How the youth can help:

I would specially urge the youth to become part of this work. They can make apps to help communities to work in synchronization with each other.

Any other ideas? Please put your comment below.

So much to do at home:

Thank God we are in our own homes. Now we have time for so many things that we wanted to do.

Some suggestions:

  • Take a shower and wear fresh clothes daily.
  • Make a daily time table.
  • Be kind to staff, and specially your family. Have activities of games, cooking etc. which reduce tension.
  • Write that book, do that painting, learn a new language, brush up on office skills.
  • Read those books you wanted to read.
  • Listen to Pod casts, and watch those YouTube videos of your interest.
  • Stop worrying, it will only lower your resistance. So, reduce news telecasts viewing.
  • Do thirty minutes’ exercise daily.
  • Limit time spent online. (Haha, I should be talking about that!)

Talk to Allah:

This time is precious. It might be the only time we have left.

We are getting time to make amends with our Maker, who isn’t too happy with us – that much we all agree upon – let us not waste it. It is a time for self-reckoning, and to realize our faults.

My mentor Mahjabeen said,

‘When you talk to Allah, say what you did wrong, one by one. Confess it and accept it. Ask for His forgiveness. Say ‘toba’ which means, that you will never repeat it again. Ever.

I feel we need to make amends with Him. That is where this Food Drive comes, here is an opportunity for us to give to those who need our help the most. Perhaps, Allah will forgive us.

Express love:

 Yes, lets us express our love for each other especially family members. Be kind to your staff who is with us at such a time. Give ‘off’ to as many staff members as possible. At least let them take leave in between, without pay cuts. Provide them with sanitizers, gloves, masks etc. Keep a warm and happy atmosphere in your home.

Stay safe, blessed and protected my precious Reader, my prayers are with you! ?

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