Acquiring a new car and becoming a tax filer too!
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Acquiring a new car and becoming a tax filer too!



“Faizan, can you come with me to see a car?”

“Why not, but I don’t know anything about cars.”

“You can pretend that you do! Just keep quiet and go with me.”

“Ok, I’ll go with you.” we were anyways going to the ETO office to try to find a way out of the mess that my outlaws had done on my previous car papers.  Faizan had bought my Altis from me. I had to give a good concession due to the problems he would be facing. As a result of that, I didn’t have much cash to buy my new car. So, my precious father, offered to chip in with the difference.   Now, I was ready to choose my next car. My automobile expert Daniyal of GT Garage workshop, was in Dubai for a training course, and I had to make do with Faizan. I mean I couldn’t just walk into someone’s house alone, to see a car, could I?


So, we went. I told Faizan not to talk, just look with confidence. I’d do the talking. The car was amazing. It was manual but I’d driven manual cars before.  It is good to keep your arms and legs moving while driving. The Honda Civic was in mint condition. We both really liked it. In fact I loved it- specially the dashing dash board with DVD player, GPS and what not.  

Seeing the mess that can be done on car papers, I really wanted the papers to be genuine. Luckily enough they seemed fine.

Daniyal was on Whats app, and I thought I’d consult with him, and found out he was in Islamabad. So, I took him to check the car and papers. He gave me the thumbs up signal. Only one thing: it looked too much like a ‘boy’ car. I said “ I’m a man, anyway. What is wrong with me having a boy car?” After all, I’m almost a full boy anyway. A childhood spent as a tomboy climbing buildings and trees. Now, my life is busy doing all the man and all the woman chores. Actually, I’ve had the best of both worlds. No cribs, only feel more blessed.

So, coming back to the car, it is in mint condition. So, verbally I made the deal with Faizan. Yes, the owner’s name was also Faizan! (I call him Faizan Honda – because that’s the car I’m buying.) I call the other Faizan Altis because that’s the car he bought from me. Got it?

Do you know how I found Faizan Honda? It is such a funny story: I had called my class fellow of MBA, who is now  in Lahore to ask  “how can I know the actual price of a car which is a two years older model?” He had worked in 1122 the emergency services in Rawalpindi and was in charge of vehicles there. So, he said “Why don’t you call a showroom and find out the price of a new car? Then you will know the actual price, which naturally should be lessor.” That made sense.

So, I looked up the net and found the mobile number of a salesman in Honda motors in Islamabad. (it was a Sunday, and shops were closed.) So, when I called the person  he said that they only take orders for new cars. Once an order is given you can get the car in forty days. I told him, I’m not buying a new car and want a second hand one and wanted to know the price of a Civic which is a  couple of years older. He said “I know someone who may be interested in selling his car. It would be 2014 model. Can I give him your number, he can contact you if he wants to sell his car.” I said fine.

Within fifteen minutes I got the call from Faizan (Honda.) He said “You can see the car, if you like it, I’ll be willing to sell it. “ So, that’s how I found the car.


I missed my husband a lot during this whole process, because when he was alive, every time I’d go to buy a car, he would accompany me,  telling me to stop looking at the deck and music system, and look at the engine which was more important. All I was interested in was the price, the color and the music system. The rest was always up to my aero- space engineer husband. Now, since I have to fend for myself, I’ve got some nice advisors, who help me through the process.

Anyhow, I was to go to USA, so I offered Faizan Honda a “bayana” or token money to seal the deal. He said, “Your word is enough for me, consider the deal done.” I said, “Fine.” I offered, him to keep the car and that I’d buy it after I returned from my holiday. He said “That would be great, then I’ll let you have a concession of Rs.25,000 ($250) from the price. And so, I flew off to America.  I had gone for a month, but stayed for two months. So, when I got back, I bought the car.

So, by then Daniyal my all- time car advisor had returned from Dubai, left his garage and become a full time supervisor at Toyota Motors in Islamabad. I was thrilled he is back. So, asked him if he could help me out.  Once I got his  ‘go ahead’, the deal was sealed.

Shall I end my story here? It does end here. But another interesting tail end comes with it….

Let us leave that tail for another blog.

No! Let’s complete it here, because it is connected. So, Faizan Honda offered to help me with the transfer process, and he said it would be a lessor cost, if I’m a tax filer. I’ve been wanting to become that, but due to other bigger issues in my life, I had been unable to do it. Now, he offered his friend who could help me. So, I got the number, of his friend who had worked in FBR. I went off to him with the required papers needed, and found out that all the charity money that I spend will help in deductions from total cost.  Also, that the amount of money in each account around June/July will be relevant. That all transactions should be done via cheque or pay order so there is proof of your income. I found out it is a simple matter. A few trips up and down the two floors of stairs to the office and a couple of other offices, and my work was all done.

Ta da! I was finally a tax filer – something I was striving to be. I met a very interesting lady at the office also. She said I like to help ladies, as they are unnecessarily fearful of becoming tax filers. It is nothing to be fearful about. So, in one go, I was able to become a tax filer, and get the car and have it transferred to my name also.



Thank goodness, things are getting so much easier in Pakistan, and much of the work is getting above board and can be easily done legally.

So, all of you lovely girls (and boys) who are wondering, just find a person who can help you take the proper steps to get all your assets in your own name. I’ve heard it can be done by you too, online. If you haven’t done it, hurry up and do so. Don’t wait or procrastinate. I’ve found that keeping a record of every expense, and even receipts of cash given for charity and zakat is important. Thankfully, I note down every expense. So, my work was done within ten days.

The person didn’t charge much either. It can take anything between Rs.3000/- to  Rs.10,000/- It is vital for all of us to become proper law abiding citizens of our country. When we are busy criticizing others, we first improve ourselves.


It felt great that so much of my work got done through the intention to do so. I’ve noticed one thing: When you make your intention clear – out of nowhere – the means to get it done start appearing!

So, have your assets in your own name, and be a tax filer.  That will make you so happy and so blessed. 🙂

Note: Photographs taken and provided by author.








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