Faisal Naveed gets new arms

Hi Everyone! It was so exciting to meet Faisal Naveed on February 10th 2021. Seeing him and his wife Nosheen was a very emotional moment for me. Remember, how last year Faisal Naveed lost both his arms on January 3rd 2020, in an accident in his home? (It is a machine for cutting, larger plants in farm houses.) I wrote about it here. You can imagine what a year it must have been for this brave couple.

Proudly and happily they showed me the arms.

While I’ve grown to truly love this couple and admire their courage, I’ve got a special love for his wife. Imagine her taking care of her husband. What a great challenge it has been. Yet, every time I met them, they greeted me with their smiles.

I never shared the gory pic:

It was truly a gruesome sight when I saw his first photographs, which I didn’t share with anyone. The main purpose for us is to help them. The gory details are not for display here. All my followers needed to know was, that this is what happened. It was Hiba Chaudhry, who informed me about it.

How my followers helped!

The way in which you all helped was, out of this world. Specially I must name F.Q. (who doesn’t like being named!), and even Momin and many others. I love you all for your trust in me. Sometimes, I hold on to your donations, till the right time arrives, to give. So, on 10th February was the right.

I gave them the check of Rs.200,000/- which would go towards the payment of the arms. There were many others like Major Fahim, along with Hiba Chaudhry and their family and friends, who also donated to help this man to collect at least Rs.4,20,000 needed for the arms.

AFIRM did the job:

There are several institutions like AFIRM, Rawalpindi. Some even offer free limbs, however, these aren’t as good. So, naturally one opted for something which would make a difference in his life. The best ones were found in AFIRM. I can’t thank everyone enough, including a girl named Saima who was studying for a degree which involves the use and attainment of prosthesis. She, too had several long chats with me, and many doctors also spoke to me, and helped the couple when they were admitted in Holy Family Hospital in Rawalpindi for an operation or two, last year.

The highs and lows:

After healing fully, the process of getting the prosthesis began.

It has been a long journey of healing, struggle and learning to cope, for this couple. Their strength has been truly amazing. Faisel Naveen told me once that he would offer me his services, whenever he did get over this ordeal. He says that truly the only solace in life is found by helping others, and he plans to do that.

Most of the time, Nosheen would call me and share her thoughts with me. Almost always she would be smiling and talking to me. Only once it happened that she was crying and spoke to me in great desperation. Of course, I went over to meet her, and her husband. Visiting the hospital, one saw the great dilemma of other patients there too. Holy Family Hospital is a huge complex in Rawalpindi. So many dedicated doctors serve there, along with other staff.

The positive power of media:

Nosheen happily told me, ‘I don’t know what you said or did, but we started getting very special treatment! Several of my followers, and even my student and friend Roheen sent food for them. The doctors gave them special place and attention.

Yes, this is the power of media, and how it can help change lives. This is how it needs to be used to help other souls.

My father’s saying:

My father always said to me, ‘art for art’s sake is a luxury of the affluent countries and societies. In Pakistan and other developing countries, art has to have a purpose.’

Let’s use media purposefully:

Media also needs to be used for a positive purpose. What could be better than to play a small role in changing someone’s life?

Alhamdolillah and Subhan Allah.

It has been such a beautiful journey, with a happy ending.

Yet the struggle continues:

I’m told that these arms only work till four years or so. After that new arms may be needed. Of course there would be maintenance issues too. Naturally, for a start, he will have to learn how to use these arms, and to become confident in this. All this time, the wife’s constant attention and help would be needed.

Kudos to the Caregiver:

We all know of the husband and father of Muneeba Mazari who left her when they found that she was in such a great crises in her life, after her car accident. Same was the case of Major Shahid, (brother of Col. Zahid,) who suddenly lost the use of his legs, and his wife left him.

It isn’t everyone who can take this never-ending load and pressure being the caregiver to a helpless person. So, special kudos to Nosheen here who bravely took on the role of full-time nurse and caretaker for her husband.  She has taken it all with her smile, and been there for her husband all through.

So, I’m just so very happy.

Stay blessed and protected. ?

It has been an honor to be standing next to this brave man. Faisal has always had his smile on his face, even during the worst of times.

Note: Photographs provided by author, and one without prosthesis, by Awais at AFIRM, and Nosheen. The rest taken by my driver Hasnain Raza with my phone.

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