Happy memories, at Nataliya’s home.

Hi Everyone! I’m so thrilled to find that Shehzeen – the Desi Wonder Woman has chosen to do a home tour of Nataliya and Bilal’s home. It is beautifully depicted. It is especially wonderful, coming from Shehzeen, whose taste and style I really love.

So, naturally, I’ve shared her post,  those  who are interested, please check it out here . Meanwhile, that post really brought back so many beautiful memories of my stay at Nataliya’s home last time. So, I thought, why not share it with you all! After all her birthday is also round the corner.

Masha Allah, both she and Bilal are wonderful hosts, (as are Bilal’s brother Haroon and his wife Uzma, here in Islamabad!) So, let me take you through a few lovely flashbacks of my last stay there in Seattle:

Loved the spontaneous trips to lakes and parks which are in and around Seattle.

Here is the Singaporean rice she made for me. Of course, Bilal is always there to make yummy dishes to satiate my taste for red meat with his lamb roast:

The wonderful trip to Mount Rainier which I’ve written on here. They know I love travel so they make sure I’m fully satisfied. Frankly, Seattle itself is enough. No, their company is enough for me. Knowing so much peace being with one’s children is great. All my life, I enjoyed that love and peace at my parents’ home. (I know, but you see quality of love and peace is the same, just matchless!)  Now, I do that in my children’s homes. May Allah bless them.

So, let me show you my shopping:

Gosh, each one of these is an amazing book or magazine! Still reading them, by the way.

Even her friends are such darlings. They invite me over when I go, then again when I’m returning.  So here is a morning Nataliya arranged for me, so I could meet most of them before getting back last time. This was November 2016.

Here is when I was invited over by Nabila to her Microsoft offices’ restaurant, which served delicious lunch.  Such darlings.

Yes, Sana, next time, your place will be first!

Simply cannot get over this view with the rear view mirror from their garage, as one reverses out of it.

Nataliya, your birthday is round the corner. Thank you for blessing me with the greatest joys and happiness on earth simply by being who you are in my life. Love and hugs and prayers for a great life, full of spiritual, family and worldly blessings. Ameen.

Can’t resist sharing this pic you took of me, looking out at the river, on which this beautiful library is built. Luckily, it is pretty close to your home.  Yes, next time, we will look at the books too! 😉

Just felt like sharing these beautiful moments from my life with you, my Reader. It is important for us to remember all the treasures that He has already blessed us with. We need to cherish and revisit these memories, to give us a boost some times.

Would you like to re-visit some of your own beautiful memories too?

Stay blessed! 🙂

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  1. Akhir beti kis ki hai
Aysa khoobsurat ghar na ho tu aur Kya ho.
MA Allah us ko apnay ghay khoobsurat ghar mai apnay pyaron Kay sath abaad rakhay. Ameen
Aur phir tum kin kin naematon say inkaar karo gay.
Subhaan Allah qismat walon ko aysee pyari aulaad miltee hai.
Allah har buree nazar say bachaye.

    1. Shireen Gheba Najib says:

      You overwhelm me with your love, your comments and these prayers. May Allah bless you always! Thank you so much. Take care, my lovely warm hearted friend.

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