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What a year- 2020!

Hi Everyone!

This year 2020, if you are well along with your family, then you have achieved the highest goal. Yet, it is a fact, that there isn’t a single family who hasn’t been hit by this pandemic in one way or another. This year has seen so much tragedy. No part of the world has been spared, not even Antarctica!

Okay I’ll stop here. You and I’ve had enough of this virus and all its’ news. Yet, everything we did this year was because of it.

Unprecedented times:

It isn’t ending with the end of the year. Covid19 is continuing over the next year too. So, we have to brace ourselves and hold on tightly to all that we have learnt. By now we have become quite good in taking care. Even though we can’t help feeling a bit paranoid.  

Pakistan’s awesome records:

When the pandemic began, and we saw what was happening in the most developed and advanced countries like China, USA, and also Italy, Spain and UK, it made the under-developed countries shake in their boots. Wondering how they will combat it. But the pleasant surprise is that Pakistan did pretty well.

All those in Pakistan, can be very proud of our handling of this Corona virus crises. Our numbers have been very encouraging, especially in spite of our poverty-stricken majority and illiteracy. Thank God it has been in control. One kept wondering what factors made the difference?

Here are a few points that come to my mind:

Soft lock down & SOPs:

Imran Khan’s policy of soft lock down made so much sense. We have too many people living on daily wages. Also, the closing of businesses, could only make the poverty line rise higher. So, the soft lock down, the vigilant SOPs in all shops and establishments made all the difference. Starting all construction work, and opening some offices also made the difference. Those who flew in on the last few flights from the West, were pleasantly surprised to see how well our air ports were managing the SOPs. 

Kudos to medical staff in hospitals:

It is so important to appreciate and value the efforts of the real heroes in these times – the medical and administration staff in hospitals. Many of them have given their lives in this battle. They are the shaheeds in this war against Corona Virus. May Allah bless and protect them and their families.

Charity work throughout the country:

Food drives and rations:

Many of the underprivileged, weren’t sure of their next meal. In such times, those who donated for these food drives and rations, played a major role. I alone have distributed around rupees 3 million in charity. Your donations were much appreciated. The food distributed in the daily food drives was done with grace and dignity. We always strived towards offering them before they could ask. In the beginning we also gave a lot of rations.

Bridal projects:

The horrors of the pandemic affected the underprivileged e, and jobless the most. This is why in spite of depleting funds and finances; it became vital to help them.
The 65 bridal projects were also much appreciated. The way, you gave your beautiful clothes for these girls was so commendable. Now, several who were helped, have returned asking for their sister or others in the family. This means that it was of use to them. One of our donors even donated her ‘fridge for a bride.

Miscellaneous projects:

Several one-off projects were taken up on your or my initiative. Together, we helped them here and Eman’s heart operation, among others.

Spices, herbs and prayers:

When you compare the number of cases and death figures of Covid19 in Pakistan with its’ neighboring countries, you realize that we did better! Why? It was because of the deep knowledge and use of spices and herbs in foods etc. This knowledge is common, specially among the ‘illiterate’ masses. They use a lot of ginger, garlic and turmeric in their food. Besides this, taking a hot glass of milk with a half or quarter teaspoon of turmeric in it, is amazing. It clears the blood vessels, making healing easier.

Spiritual healing methods:

The use of Quranic verses and words while taking food and water are common:

Surah Fateha: one of the most powerful of healing Surah’s in the entire Quran. Reading seven or forty times over a glass of water has brought about many miracles. You can search it on the web, or read here:

Just read these lines seven times, looking at a glass of water, then drink the water with complete faith in the healing that will spread in your body. Believe that Allah will heal you in every part of your body. You are asking Him to bless you in this way particularly.

Ayat-e- kareema: This is another powerful ayat the prayer chanted by Hazrat Younas while he was in the stomach of the whale.

I’ve personally known some miraculous healings through these verses.

Charity and prayer with intention of healing:

Giving sadqa food to the poor along with prayers for the healing of the sick is a common practice in Pakistan. We all join each other in prayers and support. I’m sure people of other countries do it too. But here, it is a very common practice.

Finding many ways to support:

Here no one leaves a person in distress. Everyone gets together to help a person who is facing hardships. If one way isn’t possible, they won’t leave you, they will find another way of making you feel loved, through talking on phone, sending food or taking care of your issues. Whatever. People give continuous support, which is very heart warming and healing.

Learnt to enjoy our home and families:

One feels safe at home.
  • Home: Locked inside our homes, we learnt to enjoy watching the sunshine peeping in from different parts of our homes. So, enjoy the beauty of different corners of our home, which previously we would miss out. A lot of home renovations took place too. Many of you made changes in their gardens, patios, and homes.
  • Family: Most importantly, family relationships mostly improved. We learnt to give space to each other, while finding different way to enjoy each other’s company.
  • Worked from home: Those who didn’t have home offices, made them now. We all learnt that all that commuting cost wasn’t that necessary. All that can be done from home too.
  • Home school: Literally, this was the greatest breakthrough. Many funny instances took place, with pets joining in.
  • Home maker: had to rethink her work at home. She had to make her family realize that she cannot be taken for granted any more. Everyone would have to pitch in. I think, after the medical staff in hospitals and charity workers, the home makers have been are most important heroes of these times. Having to take care of hubby dear working from home, and children home schooling. Tough. – I won’t even mention her own work hours!

Handling marriage events:

So, once everyone realized that Covid19 isn’t going anywhere soon, people started getting married. Why not? So, I was among the forerunners of handling a Covid19 marriage of my daughter. We did it all with full SOPs. Everything went well, and no one got sick. That is what was important.

Best thing was that the marriages have been small and the girl had ruksati from her own home.

Facing death:

Naturally, we all faced death, now almost on a daily basis.

 In our culture, it has been hard convincing everyone to avoid crowding, hugging and putting more persons into danger. As I write, I’m heartbroken with the death yesterday of Sabahat Arshad who is sister of my eldest son-in-law. I spoke to her on Sunday, and on Monday after saying her zuhar prayers she passed away. Yes, she had Covid19, which she got from her husband, who recovered. May Allah bless her soul and grant her highest place in heaven. This is how it happened with several couples.

Normally, one would have gone over to be with the bereaved family. Now, one has to make do with a phone call. No point in putting more persons at risk. Thanks to Allah, we have the option of expressing our grief through sadqa, reading passages from Holy Quran and praying for the departed souls.

The Online and Media factor:

Everything being online, I’m sure there was great pressure on the technicalities of it. However, they rose beautifully to it. In the beginning, I felt that it would crash sometime. It didn’t. What with everyone using online facility for everything they did, it was mindboggling.

My father, enjoying seeing his grandchildren and talking to his great-grand-child.

Today, it has been over a year since I saw two of my daughters, but I’m fine, and so are they because we ‘meet’ daily. We literally see each other, and know all is good.

Kudos to all those who work at Facebook, Google, Microsoft and everyone else related in any way to this industry.

Our daily group chat on WhatsApp.


Netflix, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Tic Toc and what not!

So, finally one got to watch movies and series. Frankly, I’ve never had time for these, but now I’m even wanting to open my own channel! It is so much fun. It has been crazy and very entertaining.


Heyyyy, you all did pretty well:


In case I dont write another piece, A very happy new year to you all!

Stay blessed and keep blessing others. ?

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