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Salaams to All! ?

You know what Pak-istan means, right? Land of the pure. So, a lot of purifying needed here!

It is time for each of us to cleanse ourselves first. Then do a bit of attitude change; Stop this blame game we are going on with. (It seems as if everyone is busy in creating the problem, not in solving it.) After cleansing ourselves out, let’s be the change we want.

Those who bailed out:

Just to show you, we’ve got lovely green pastures too! 😉 Took this picture yesterday, this lush lawn is in front of the F-7 Post Office, Islamabad.

Many chose to bail out. Yes, leave our country for ‘greener pastures abroad.’ Life anywhere isn’t easy. As I write, videos of the last few minutes of George Floyed’s life are being shown all over the news.

George Floyd.

I cannot watch such footage. Just can’t! But the fact remains, the blacks are still fighting for their lives in a country they didn’t even choose to come to, they were handcuffed and brought here on boats. (Read Roots, by Alex Hailey.)  

Many are going there by choice. The point is, life isn’t easy. Stop running from problems and start facing them! ‘Do the things you fear and death of fear is certain.’

This book is an eye opener.

Contribute for your country:

No matter where you are, always work honestly, and do not forget your roots. You are only doing well in your chosen country due to the education and back ground you had in your original country.Pakistan. In order to come to terms with your past, it is important to be part of its future too. You can contribute towards your original country and help it develop. I know, many of you are doing it! 🙂

Your identity:

Remember, no matter how much you get entrenched in your new country, you will always be identified with your original country. So make a good name for it, even when you have left it. Be the person you were always meant to become. Share our foods, our culture and our hospitality with the country of your choice, while doing that.

I was thrilled to see how my daughter Nadiya and son-in-law Haaris celebrated Pakistan day for their Canadian friends, in Halifax the other day. In spite of the small baby, Nadiya and Haaris had a wonderful gathering. They shared Pakistan’s wonderful food and showed videos of the Northern areas.

No big talk, just walk your talk.

‘An idea is nothing, till you have executed it!’ Saeed Akhtar, the artist, told me once. It was during my painting exhibition at Shakir Ali Museum in 1984. It is so true. So, when you get a brilliant idea, keep it to yourself.

So, as my mother would say, ‘shut up!’ Just get to work and show us when it becomes a reality. Show us what you are made of!


Work it out!

Self, khudi and self-actualization:

There is a lot to be done, no time to waste.

This 14th August, as you celebrate your freedom, do celebrate yourself. If there is something worth celebrating. If not. Then get to work on your own self first.

First deserve, then desire!

Once, I was busy speaking up for my rights to my father, and he said, ‘first deserve, then desire!’ that said a lot. I shut up! We, as a nation will also have to first deserve, then desire. We have done nothing for our country, and want the country to bend backwards for us!

One step at a time:

Everything starts with that first wobbly step, then lots of falling, then we manage it somehow. Lots of passion, and stubbornness  required here. Lots of determination. Remember, a business venture takes at least three years to stand on its own feet. During those three years of hard work and facing a lot of debts, loans and hard work, there is no profit at all. Once you’ve survived that, then slowly the stakes start moving up, towards profits.

We, in Pakistan want overnight success. Remember, ‘overnight success takes at least fifteen years!’ We lose heart too soon. We’ve got to work for the long haul.

Use your strengths:

So, you’ve got to recognize yourself, know your strong points.  I love this book by Marcus Buckingham. Do read this book or watch its video.

You’ve got to know what you are good at, and know how to put those strengths to work! Then, using those powerful strong points of yours, choose your goals carefully and work towards them.

Freedom with responsibility.

So, we got our freedom on August 14th 1947. What did we do with it? Not much! As Abdul Rahim, ‘Korea and China got their freedom after us, and look where now they are!.’

All true. He was my cook for over twenty years, I wrote about him here.

 My dear, we Pakistanis didn’t do our work, that is why we are here. Those countries who worked hard, got their success.

 All the ‘work’ done here was to have a huge population. So today we sit proudly having almost the largest number of youth in the world. (Have you thought of how it will be, when we have the largest number of elderly in the world?  Yes, that is bound to happen after another few decades! ) Meanwhile, harness this youth and make them the best in the world too.

We can still change our destiny.

Failure is not an option.

Today and tomorrow are in our hands! We have Iqbal’s and Quaid e Azam’s dream to fulfill. We are already benefiting from their sacrifices. Let us now add to those sacrifices and work hard now to reach our own dreams too.

It is possible to make a U-turn now, and get on the path that will take us to that progressive Pakistan envisioned by our Quaid-e-Azam. Failure will not be an option.

When our ancestors could think up Pakistan, we can at least put it on very strong footing.

 If nothing else works, let us put our hands together and make that work which can work.

But first we must cleanse ourselves.

Honesty is the best policy:

Jinnah and Iqbal were such personalities, that even their enemies could swear by their honesty. That is the honesty I’m talking about! Today, lets cleanse ourselves and become Pak-istan. 🙂

? Stay blessed and protected my dear Readers.

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  1. Jamilla says:

    Absolutely true

    1. Shireen Gheba Najib says:

      Dear Jamilla,

      Thanks! 🙂

  2. Hafsa ali khan says:

    Indeed. Freedom is a state of mind.

    1. Shireen Gheba Najib says:


      Thank you for your comment. Yes, we need to value it, before it is taken from us…

      Stay blessed. 🙂

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