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Uncle Murphey


Its’ all about what is on your mind!

Honestly, life is really something. There is a lot of ‘The Secret’ in it. If you’ve’ read that book you’ll know what I’m just going to say. What is on your mind, and what you really don’t want to happen – will happen. The Murphey’s Law is that what can happen will happen. But if you get very ultra smart and say, I’m going to take a lot of steps so that this won’t ever happen to me ….. ooooopse You’ve tempted fate. Now it will. Also in such a way, that is just the way you didn’t want.

They call it Murphey’s Law. Lets call him uncle Murphey.  “Anything that can happen will happen.” I would like to say “anything that should not happen, will happen!”  There was this time, when I thought I’ll get my hair permed, as I want it to look good all the time! Oh God, did I tempt fate. The parlor lady messed it up so much. That she ensured that I look bad all the time for the next three months!!!

Recently, I got new tenants. I asked the husband, a pilot, why he had moved from such a nice and exclusive block of flats. He said “I’m a pilot and have to sleep well, there was too much noise from the road.” Well, I thought our place is quite peaceful, so it is ok. Though, I told him, “Our family is quite noisy.” He said. “That’s ok.”

The next day, the plot next to our home which had remained empty for last four years, had people coming and measuring parts of it. Next day, machinery arrived and work began. Yes, hell broke loose! Night and day building is going on now…. I am in full sympathy with the couple that has arrived. Yet, I’m helpless. The builders also put all their materials right next to my boundary wall. Where else can they keep it?

In ‘The Secret’, the writer studied many great personalities of the world of all times. The common factor was that they all gave positive vibes and focused on the positive factors. That fate or nature does not understand ‘yes’ or ‘no’, it just goes for whatever is on your mind. What was on my mind was ‘hair’ in my case, or ‘noise’ in the pilot’s case. And so that is what happened!!!

So, be careful what you think. Just think of the positive. ‘I want this….’ Avoid things like I don’t want this, or I cannot stand this, or ‘will not take this.’ – That this is going to get bungled up!- if you know what I mean.

‘acha socho gay, to acha hoga!’ (if you think of good things, then good things will happen)  is the adage that goes….

Look at Pakistan. Everyone is all the time talking about problems, and bad things going on in Pakistan. Though, at the same time, a lot of good things are also happening. Since the focus is on all the bad stuff, so more of that bad stuff is happening! Tv programs are full of talk shows focusing on all the rotten stuff going on. How many talk shows going on about the good stuff? None!

So, dear reader, please try to focus on the positive. That’s why they say ‘count your blessings,’ because when you count your blessings, you think about them. You realize how much good is happening in your life and you are thankful. When you are thankful to Allah, He blesses you even more.

Stay blessed my dear reader.

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